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Name/Nickname: Marthin H.

Great glasses. More than I expected, super pleased with my purchase!


Name/Nickname: Richard C.

Great looking frames, light, comfortable to wear and perfect for those of us who have to spend our working day in front of a computer screen. Nice packaging too. I will definitely be coming back for more!

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Name/Nickname: Christopher C.

Loved them. Super stylish and they really work. They’re great and perfect to use before I sleep


Name/Nickname: Maria F.

Highly recommend them if you spend a lot of time looking at a screen As I started working remotely, I found myself constantly looking at a screen. My headaches got worse and my eyes were incredibly tired. A friend of mine recommended BARNER to me and, after doing a lot of research, I decided to buy a pair. IT IS SO MUCH WORTH IT! My headaches have disappeared and my eres don’t get tired anymore. As I’ve never used glasses before, at first the legs were a bit annoying on my ears, but after two or three days the feeling disappeared. I’m very happy with my purchase. They fit perfectly, work wonders and look amazing.


Name/Nickname: Deividas B.

Very smooth and nice products. Well designer. Love it! And the shipping was crazy fast. Just in 20 hours from Spain to Lithuania. Insane!


Name/Nickname: Ignacio R.

I left my barner in the office during confinement and at home my eyes and head hurt. with my new barner glasses I work more comfortably. they really work!


Name/Nickname: Vivian C.

Amazing product. I used to have really bad migraine if I work for a long time and now I don’t feel that migraine and sore eyes anymore! Thanks to Barner! Highly recommend!!!


Name/Nickname: Axl B.

For my work i use my computer intensive, I used to suffer from headaches and I slept badly. since I use the glasses this is a thing of the past.


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