WalkingPad Reviews – R1, R2, A1, C2, P1 Treadmill Review

WalkingPad reviews

Looking for WalkingPad reviews? There you can find the latest positive and negative customers opinions about Walking Pad R1, R2, A1, C2, P1 treadmill.

WalkingPad Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Rachel

I bought one 2 years ago & love it! It’s compact & easy to move to where I want it. Yes I wish it had an incline but that would make it bulky & heavier. I binge watch Netflix shows & it holds my iPad perfectly! ❤️

Name/Nickname: Leah

The great thing is that I was able to lose weight through healthy eating rather than tons of exercise, but I know getting movement in is important.

I love everything about my wonderful wfh life and my new home office, except that it makes it harder to get my steps in. Problem solved ever since boyfriend got me my WalkingPad.

Name/Nickname: Antoinette

FINALLY. I just got my walking pad 2 days ago here in the U.S., thank you for the email and the discount, was finally able to buy this on Amazon, you have redeemed yourself. Happy to finally get it in my home

Name/Nickname: Lije

10/10 Good price, really beautiful design and has nice features, the treadmill isn’t bad either.

Name/Nickname: Basheerah

Meet my new office mate the Walking Pad A1! Virtual sessions with clients, writing and reading research articles has me strapped to my desk all day long. My goal is to walk 5 mins or longer every 1-1.5 hours. My office is equipped and I’m ready to roll! 🏃🏾‍♀️

Name/Nickname: Miguel

I’ve received mine two days ago and am very pleased, in fact I’d like to repeat my order from Indiegogo and gift one to a friend 🙂

Name/Nickname: Łukasz

I bought walkingpad r2 and I’m totally satisfied. I use it as a part of my “walking desk”. If you are on the fence of buying this… just buy it. I was watching reviews, comparing models, and overthinking. I lost 3 kg and I have it only for 2 weeks! I easily burn 350-500 kcal daily when working, doing calls, copywriting or watching courses, etc. The best thing is that I feel healthier!

Name/Nickname: Christopher

I have bought a Walkingpad A1. It is much better, than the usual Amazon Threatmills. But the rollers are squeaking sometimes. So i guess, there are no ball-bearings inside. Therefore i would not to pay over 350 $. If they build it with ball-bearings, it could be the best threatmill on the earth. I enjoy to walk on it.

Name/Nickname: James

This is perfect for what it is designed to do. I am able to store it efficiently under my desk without taking extra floor space in the room, I am able to walk or do a light jog. There is some skipping every now and then, but it’s not really an issue for me since I can just move through the occasional skip. The setup was seamless, no calibration issues at all. It’s been really great! I have had it for a little over a month and use it almost daily.

Name/Nickname: Shuey

Love this little treadmill. I can easily slide it in and out from under my desk. Been wonderful to walk during online meetings!

Name/Nickname: Tina

Finally! After hours of wiring and hunting for cables in random boxes 📦– ready to start the remote recording session 🙏🏼 This will be the very first one from my new Las Vegas home studio. 🎵

Name/Nickname: Tihi

I have the r1. In my opinion its not suitable for running. Too much tread slip. Good for walking however. If you’re going to buy one I would just get the s1 to walk with.

Name/Nickname: Ruben

Some people compare this to outside run..yeah sure..outside run is always good.but for some country which has bad raining season like my country,this is good alternative.esp for someone like me who had to spend more than 8hours a day working behind desk & always got home late,gym & outdoor run during weekdays is out of question.with this,i can always exercise even at night or early morning.i use r1.since i cam run & its compact size compare to treadmill.with my small space house,this is def a great choice.

Name/Nickname: Chloe

The walkingpad treadmill is perfect for people who would like to go for a walk at any time of day like me. You can walk early in the morning or late at night, even in all types of weather. It may seem useless to some people but it can be a great tool if you can’t get outside. For example, I live in an area that is greatly impacted by all the fires happening right now… The poor air quality makes it really hard to get outside and exercise. I’d much rather be inside and use something like this.

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