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Healthy Wave Mat Review

Looking for Healthy Wave Mat Reviews? There you can find the latest customers opinions around Healthy Wave Mat store products.

Healthy Wave Mat Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Lisa

Sleeping for the first time in 20 years Neck pain is gone…Love

Name/Nickname: Barbara

These products are amazing and now that I own one I don’t know how I’d go without it! The inframat has helped my chronic pain so much and has reduced the need for me to take pain medication! Also the insomnia I used to struggle with is rarely an issue now as long as I use my mat before bed. Beyond that it is not so common anymore to come by a company that has as much integrity as this one. They stand by their products 100% and you can feel absolutely confidant buying from them. Healthy Wave mats are money well spent!

Healthy Wave Mat review 1

Name/Nickname: Christy

Love my Healthywave mat. Excellent customer service too.

Name/Nickname: Carol

Just took everything out of the packaging. Set the mat up along with the pillow and tried it myself….oh boy…love it! Can’t wait for my clients to try it too! Love to spoil them with new holistic products!

Name/Nickname: Jean

One of the best investments I have made. Helps me to sleep, alleviates muscle soreness, and great customer service.

Healthy Wave Mat review 2

Name/Nickname: Frances

Really love every mat I own I use them everyday in my busy massage clinic and they are amazing plus I know I’m doing something good for my clients with the far infrared heat and crystal healing. I also love my HW mat as well.

Name/Nickname: Ella

This sounds wonderful. An infrared warming pad that provides natural essential benefits. You can use it in your bed and you don’t worry about catching your mattress on fire with an electric heating pad like I did.

Name/Nickname: Kenny

My wife and I have been enjoying the benefits of the Healthy Wave mat for over a month. She first clued into PEMF after visiting her chiropractor, but their rates were crazy for frequent visits. We decided to buy the HealthyWaveMat. Great choice. Her shoulder pain is almost gone. My knees feel great even though I bike every day. We even sleep better. This has been a great investment.

Name/Nickname: Jeff

Best products ever! Better sleep, faster healing for home use. 👍

Name/Nickname: Anna

The mat helps me relax, feel more alert and/or improves my sleep. I am glad that I purchased the mat and do recommend it.

Name/Nickname: Mike

My wife and I have been using this for over a month and we see the benefits . She sleeps better and I was able to go skiing in Park City for a week.

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