Kabuto Luggage Review – Kabuto Carry on Luggage Reviews

Kabuto Luggage Review

Pleas write Kabuto Luggage review before you make a purchase. There you can find the latest customer’s opinions around Kabuto Smart Carry on Luggage and other products.

Kabuto Luggage Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Nigel

I just received two cases, one for me, one for my wife and they are both beautifully made and extremely stylish. One littel problem, though; although my wife’s fingerprint lock works (if somewhat unstable) mine doesn’t at all. Still we may find a solution. Apart, they’re superb.
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Name/Nickname: Ariane
I’ve been traveling for 5 days in NYC with my fabulous brand new X-tend suitcase! It was perfect to roll around! Of course I made some shopping in the city so I got to extend my luggage for my trip back to France : so easy 😉 Beside, the power bank was so useful : no need to bring any plug-adapter to charge my phone or laptop!
Name/Nickname: Sharon

I have ordered a blue copper KABUTO and was excited to finally receive the package. However, I received a silver KABUTO instead. When I emailed KABUTO (Aude) to see how the issue could be rectified, I was told the blue copper is unavailable and that I just need to keep the wrong coloured KABUTO. While the luggage quality is well made, the entire experience of backing this Kickstarter was a difficult experience. I sincerely hope this company will learn from its mistakes through this project.

Name/Nickname: Devkirn

It took a year but I finally received my suitcase. I am very happy! I have only one problem. One of the locks is locked with no information or a key to unlock it. @UPDATE Problem solved with Kabuto support – my mistake

Name/Nickname: Natalie

Just got mine luggage… Looks awesome, love it – thanks!

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Name/Nickname: Geraldine

Hello, I have received my Kabuto (I didn’t get a tracking number so that was a nice surprise! – I’m in the Netherlands). The suitcase is awesome and every bit like the video showed us. However checking my pledge I didn’t get the right colour: I have ordered an expandable blue+copper and received an expandable black+silver suitcase instead. It’s not a problem for me. I believe that this mistake is due to the high volume of orders.

Name/Nickname: Dominic

I’m using it professionally and very often because I’m an airline captain. I highly recommend it for a professional or frequen flyers.

Name/Nickname: Susan
Kabuto not only has great products, but they have outstanding customer service. Their orders are always accurate and turn around time is super fast. Love to get my luggage.
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