Nebia Review – Nebia 2.0 Shower Review

Nebia Review

Take a look at Nebia review. See what customers say about Nebia 2.0 shower. Read all opinions carefully and decide if it’s worth buying at this store.


Nebia Shower Reviews:


Name/Nickname: Brandon

Both installed in our shower – didn’t have a wide enough angle to get both together, but both installed and it’s awesome. Both going along with the heated floor in our shower and WOW, spa like.

Nebia review 1


Name/Nickname: Kevin

I’m kickstarter backer #1356
Installed and used it for the first time today..

Nebia review 2


Name/Nickname: Debjoti

Dual Nebia systems installed!

Nebia review 3


Name/Nickname: Kuehner

Just installed our new Nebia by Moen. Loved our first one – this one is even better.

Nebia review 4


Name/Nickname: Rotella

We just received our Nebia by Moen shower system. We were expecting it in June and super surprised that it arrived today. We just completed the bathroom remodel yesterday, so the timing was perfect. We can’t say enough about the ease and quality of installing this system. A lot of thought and energy went into the design and ease for a common person to install without tools. It took only about 10 minutes max. What a beautiful addition to our home. Thank you Team Nebia for your awesome shower system!!

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Name/Nickname: Joey

Just received my Nebia by Moen last night, and installed it in about 15 minutes! The install was a snap! Loving the shower experience, definitely a great value for the money! 🚿

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Name/Nickname: Britton

Amazing. I just installed it and had to jump in right away. I was a little worried when I pulled it out of the box. My shower head isn’t very high right now and I’m a tall guy. After I got under it for the first time it was perfect. It is at the highest possible height but I fit under. I think my wife will like to be able to bring it down to her height. She’s at work she doesn’t know it’s installed 😂. She knows I bought it though. The shower itself was absolutely everything I hoped for. I loved having the wand right at waist level and easily clicking it on and off. I will be letting all my friends take a test run if they need to try it to be convinced. We will also be installing another one in our second bath once our new home is built. Thank you for just an amazing product.

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