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Name/Nickname: Adam

Great service and gear. Good selection of kinky products and lots of fun shopping there!

Name/Nickname: Candace

Comfortable and well constructed.

I’m 5’6” 180lbs and this supports my weight so far. A sturdy door is important. We use the fire door to the garage. A front door would work I’m just worried someone will come knocking while we’re knocking boots. The straps adjusting is important for different positions and I imagine different heights of women. Many friends had told me I had no idea what I was missing since I hadn’t used a swing. I have to say they were right! Wish I had gotten one a lot sooner!
Name/Nickname: Annonymous
Very well built product. We used on a hollow closet door and it worked just fine(gf is 250lbs and I was also adding weight to it). Would definitely recommend. review 2
Name/Nickname: Marco
Amazing comfort. I couldn’t believe how exciting and fun this turned out to be! The straps are adjustable and you can put the straps under your legs or put your feet up and really open up your legs. We had an unbelievable night with this and we can’t wait to try it out some more!
Name/Nickname: Simon
Quality leather and fetish gear and accessories at reasonable prices.
Name/Nickname: John
A great way to expand the bedroom. We were looking for ways to spice up our sex life and this was an awesome place to start. The swing is easy to install- you simply put the straps over the door. We have used it a few times and as yet it has not left any marks or damage on the door.
The straps are adjustable and give a great range of motion for myself (5ft 6) and partner (5ft 8). The straps are comfortable and seem durable though we have only had the swing for a week. All in all this is a great product for the price when looking to try new things.
Name/Nickname: Nathan
Affordable and tons of fun. For the price this is an awesome “toy”. Its pretty comfortable and we havent had any issues with durability or build quality. It’s gotten a lot of “use” lately and there have been no issues. Highly recommend. Just make sure you use a very sturdy well mounted solid-core door.
Name/Nickname: Jim

Perfect swing for all the things.

The product that returns results beyond worth. The girl likes to fly allot and it can be little tricky to make her fly for hours, enter this product and now we can go on for hours.. yes hours! The swing seem to be very sturdy and can easily fit in the door. It does leave some marks after long usage if not properly adjusted grip, so make sure you hold it properly or wear gloves. The whole concept is great and surely helps us guys that are not so thrilled to pick up and help women fly. The cost is perfect and the other additional things send are also good. Great product and can praise it for hours. review 1

Name/Nickname: Bob
At first I was a bit scared to hop on but once your on it you adjust your self and get ready to enjoy this accelerating experience. Can be used in several different way, stays up and material is good quality, durable.
Name/Nickname: Customer swings are fantastic! Make sure your door is strong enough.
The SexSwing swing has become one of our favorite bedroom accessories. It took us a bit to finally decide to try it but once we did we have loved it. I love where it positions her for me to tease and play with and she looks so damn sexy when she is strung up like that! I will say if you are using it on a door that closes toward you check and make sure the latch is engaged at least 1/4″ and probably put some longer/stronger screws in the latch plate just as a precaution and solid core doors are also a good idea.
Name/Nickname: Pat
This sexy swing is amazing. It serves its purpose well and it is so easy to put up and also easy to take it down. The swing is very strong and there is no need to worry that it will fall down. I am a little heavy actually, but the seat held me quite well. And I feel safe and secure. Coupon Codes & Deals:

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