Spooky2 Reviews – Spooky2 Rife Machine Review

Spooky2 Reviews - Spooky2 Rife Machine Review

Looking for Spooky2 Review? There you can find the latest customers opinions about
Spooky2 Rife Machine.


Spooky2 Reviews:



Name/Nickname: Masaki

Spooky2 User since 2015, great products and customer service! Highly recommended!
Name/Nickname: Katja
Thumbs up for Spooky2!
Spooky2 has been and still is created by some of the most knowledgeable engineers in the world. They sell a product that works – hence the many positive testimonies. Spooky2 has the best helpdesk, and a number of great FB group support pages and a forum.
The products are reliable, sturdy, and have a sleek and confidence inspiring appearance. I have been working with Spooky2 since 3 years, and I have had a number of successes with it! I can advise Spooky2 to anyone. Not only to people with serious diseases to whom frequency therapy may be their last resort, but also to people like me, who want to use it for minor complaints and to maintain their health.
Spooky2 Reviews - Spooky2 Rife Machine Review 2
Name/Nickname: Chaffee
I love Genx kit, most powerful Rife kit on the market. I am sooo blessed to be able to have one. Running these de-aging, beneficial frequencies; I feel better and better, easily and effortlessly every day!
I am amazed how long I lived in my diseased body prison of lyme and chronic pain. I almost didn’t make it, and couldn’t get well for the longest time! Thank You Spooky2 for setting me free !
Thank You Team Spooky2 !
Name/Nickname: Gwen
Come on Spooky – prove how fantastic this treatment is – go and treat Boris Johnson. Get this amazing treatment out in the public domain. Kick out the drug companies.
Having had treatment for Lyme – I know it works.
Name/Nickname: Byron

Hello Everyone, I have known about frequency devices for most of my practice of 37 years. John White and Spooky 2 took it to the next level and continues to do so! Development of devices that are affordable to people that are ill and often have exhausted their resources, plus the technology is superb, with the advancement of remote broadcasting and ability to test for helpful frequencies using their biofeedback accessories and now scalar, gains my support and respect! These people care about helping people get better and are dedicated to that end.

Best wishes,
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Name/Nickname: Jan
Ive heard only wonderful results with the spooky 2!!!!

Name/Nickname: Dennis

I’ve been using Spooky2 Central since the end of 2018 and it’s been amazing. I barely see a doctor for anything since I’m barely sick now using Rife frequencies. Plasma works so fast! Highly recommend. These are people that actually care about your health!


Name/Nickname: Sebastien

Since I have been using my Spooky2 equipment I have been feeling great with more energy and much less moments of tiredness during the day.


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