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Accustar canada reviews

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About AccuStar Canada:


AccuStar is one of the most popular brands in the radon industry. The provides easy to use radon testing kits. You can buy their product online and easily check results online too, on AccuStar website.


AccuStar Canada Reviews:


Name/Nickname: CupIsHalfEmpty

We purchased the Test kit in December of 2014 to test for Radon in our unfinished basement before starting construction to finish it. We set up the test on a ledge under the stairs away from the walls where there was decent exposure to the basement air on Dec 7th 2014. We left it untouched until July 1st 2015. Using our own ziploc bag and the shipping supplies from the kit, we shipped test kit to Accustar for a cost of $8.13. We received the good news back from Accustar on July 21st that our basement has safe levels. The report has the start/finish dates plus the dates they performed their analysis and a straight forward number advising your Radon level. We only received the details back by email. Glad we did the test, now we know we are safe to proceed with the finishing of our basement.


Name/Nickname: Jeff

Now I know that the AccuStar tests are reliable and the best. I bought duplicated test modules and they showed me the same results. I am very satisfied with the product.

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Name/Nickname: Manuel Savoie

It seems to work.
I can’t comment on the accuracy but this device says I’m within the limit and I’m happy about that.
Easy to follow instructions.
Just place and forget about it for 3+months. Ship to lab and wait for the email.
Results were easy to read and understand.
Much cheaper than having an inspector come in to do the same test.


Name/Nickname: Racedogs



Name/Nickname: Turtleshellboy

Worked great. Had it set up in my basement for about 9 months for a better measurement. Longer exposure times provide a more accurate measurement of the amount of radon gas that leeches into a basement. Just had to record some basic infomation upon starting a nd completion, then send into the lab, and got the results back by email.

Name/Nickname: Customer

Product arrived quickly with complete instructions on testing and returning the kit for lab testing.
It will take 3+ months before I find out how the lab aspect of the test works.


Name/Nickname: Putney

I buy these tests whenever needed becase they are fully licensed and legit. I am comfortable with the results. 


Name/Nickname: Elie

The item arrived as promised. For this particular item it takes about four months to know if it’s working so at this time I don’t really have any other comments. Thanks.

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