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AliDropship Reviews

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About AliDropship:


AliDropship helps you create your own AliExpress Dropshipping Busines Store in any niche you want. Earn 2000% or more with a plugin that will import products to your online store easily.


AliDropship Reviews:


Manny A.

Unbelievably outstanding!!! Once you got the package it’s ready for your e-business. You never have to ask for anything more. The people that work with you in the project are very courteous, helpful & patient. I think I’m gonna have an upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandro S.

I have ordered Basic Custom Package and truly amazed with professional web store developed. Development team and Rasul as project manager are really high professional, answering all the questions and accepting all advice’s during the development phase of the site. Friendly and open for any ideas. It is also great that after the project is done and your store is set up and running, you can contact support any time and get answers you need. Simply amazing experience!

Bob V.

Definitely recommended!!! I had Tatiana as my contact person and bought the basic package, first time buyer. I researched a niche, asked for advice and they made it into something better that exceeded my expectations!

Antoliy B.

Hi All! Alidropship is absolutely legit company and they are providing a perfect service!
I ordered the basic package Store from them a month ago (march 2018). They contacted me immediately by email and we spoke on Skype about one hour to discuss everything about my vision of the ecom business.
Starting the project they give you an access to 2 special pages: one is ggl doc sheet and another is special project control page on basecamp web service.
They communicate with you every day. You can ask any questions anytime by email or Skype. And you follow the progress on the project web page. There is a long to-do list on this page and you can follow the progress.
Long story short – it took about 3 weeks to get the job done and I’ve got my nice web store ready to go, based on the Woo version of the plugin.
But my communication hadn’t stopped at that moment. I’m still asking a lot (really a lot) of questions about anything concerning the way how the plugin works. And… I get the answers to any question. These guys are very helpful and ready to help you anytime.

AliDropship Review 2

Ali M.

I ordered a costum store from AliDropship, Ekaterina was my PM, they do a very great job, in a little time, and I got my store ready to use in less then 10 days, the team was very helpful, particulary Ekaterina.

Jeancarlo M.

For your dropshipping. It’s the best plugin out there
And they have the best service!!! Thank you Tatiana!!

David C.

Ali Dropship built a great website for me at a very reasonable price. The whole process went very smoothly as the communication is good every step of the way. I will use them again for sure!

Luis G.

Purchased the Ultimate Package and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and easy the process went. I had many questions and requests and the team led by Katya were very responsive, patient, and understanding. Great service with little to no communication issues.


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