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Citizen Armor review

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Citizen Armor Reviews:


Name/Nickname: Brian

A little stiff than kevlar, but much better protection.

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Name/Nickname: Terri

I love my Bulletsafe vest! No, it is not really concealable but I’m all about protection not looks.


Name/Nickname: Claud

Quality bulletproof product, not the cheapest but it fit my needs totally.


Name/Nickname: Adrian

It only took 2 days to get to my door. Fast, free Utah shipping. Awesome product. Great price. And so cool that you can make payments. Very helpful. Will be ordering the bulletproof backpack now. Very satified. Would recommend to anyone on a budget.


Name/Nickname: Doug

Top quality equipment and service! I work with several police officers who use this products and think it’s awesome!

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Name/Nickname: Terry

I bought mine vest a few months ago. I wear mine primarily when I am out in public as I legally conceal carry. I also plan to wear it when I go to the firearms range and when I do ride alongside as a civilian with the local police department.


Name/Nickname: William

It’s rare to find such speedy and kind customer service these days. I’m going to be a repeat customer of Citizen Armor store.


Name/Nickname: Wayne

During all this crazy covid 19 crisis, the customer service and the rapid respone, and consistent update, and personal emails from them is like no other. They know how to keep their customers happy and keep coming back again and again. you are in good hands with them. thanks again.


Name/Nickname: Daniel

Excellent bulletproof products, quick service, good customer follow-up. If and when I get some spare cash I will purchase from again.


Name/Nickname: Brandon

Very fast communications from the company, very satisfied with the product, the fit is so adjustable almost anyone could wear it, like any armor there is a break in period, but once its broke in (assuming you fitted it right) you get to the point the only thing you feel is the weight


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