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CodeWizardsHQ reviews

Take a look at CodeWizardsHQ reviews. See what customers say about online coding school for kids and teens. Read all opinions carefully and decide if it’s worth buying these classes.



CodeWizardsHQ reviews:


Name/Nickname: Daniella

I searched for a long time for coding classes for my son that fit with our busy schedule. Code Wizards is the only program that I found that was convenient, well taught and if my son had to miss a class, could watch the recorded classes and catch up. We are very excited about this program and the potential for an internship in Level IV. My 13 yr old son just completed the Python class and will be taking the next two classes through the accelerated summer program. We will soon get our 9 yr old daughters enrolled!


Name/Nickname: Kimberley

Our grandson had a great time in his CodeWizard class. His teacher, Lynn was terrific and took the time to meet each child and understand their starting levels. She was also helpful and friendly when thry needed help. EJ thought it was so cool that she could see his screen and help him figure out why his characters were floating around with no background. “I was missing one thing Mama and Lynn helped me figure it out!” Our only issue with the course was that while EJ could spend time working on his project he wanted to watch hos class again to help him remember what to do. I understand now that each class is recorded so he can have that access. Between the live class wirh real teachers and the ability to watch the class over again make this coding course stand out amongst the rest.

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Name/Nickname: Rob

I highly recommend CodeWizards for any parents looking for a great program to teach your kids Coding with clases taught vía video by excellent instructors. My son has taken three classes with Code Wizards and he loved it.


Name/Nickname: Lisa

My daughter took a one hour class from Code Wizards HQ and we loved how it was set up. I sat with her to see how the program worked and I was very impressed. The instructor could see each student’s work and could offer feedback and answer questions immediately while they were learning. Everything is online making it easy to access from any computer. I think this is the best way to learn to code, the class sizes are small and you get an immediate response from the teacher.


Name/Nickname: Hillary

Two of our children worked together on a class and learned so much. They loved being able to share their completed project with family. The live interaction with the instructor and other students is great. The students are putting into practice right then what they are learning and getting feedback in real time. They have the opportunity during the class to ask questions and get clarification on the spot. This has made a difference in the experience.


Name/Nickname: Renita

My daughter took the Intro to HTML class. Her instructor did a wonderful job handling technology glitches from other student’s and kept the class on schedule and moving along. She kept Lydia’s attention and did an excellent job working with all the students. We are looking at the next level for Lydia.


Name/Nickname: Betty

This program has been such a blessing to our 13 year old son. He has wanted to learn coding for some time now, but we couldn’t find a good fit for him. These classes are AMAZING! The instructors are awesome. They work hard to make sure you are understanding what is being taught. They care about their students and make a connection with them from the beginning of the courses. They ask questions and get each student involved in the learning process. These classes are unlike any others we have tried before. They go above and beyond as they teach each and every course. My son is an introvert, but I am seeing him come out of his shell as he takes the online classes each week. He loves it!!!! I love it!


Name/Nickname: Stacie

My daughter is 10 and she took a one day class learning HTML. At first I thought it was going to be to hard for her or maybe she wouldn’t like it. I was totally surprised with her response after the class. She absolutely had a blast and her exact words were “I am interested”. The nice thing about this is that these live classes stand out from the others as the class is nice and small and the kids get help right away. The class was learning hands on as well.

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Name/Nickname: Sheila

My daughter took a 1 hour introductory course and highly enjoyed it! The live instructor makes such a difference and eliminates a lot of frustration. Rocommended CodeWizardsHQ!


My 12 year old son loved this class! He enjoyed the live interaction with his instructor and the other students. He learned a lot in a very short time!!!



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