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Aurochs Wallet review

Welcome! Here you can find the latest Aurochs Wallet reviews. Check what customers say around Aurochs leather products. Are these products are good quality or not? See below.


Aurochs Wallet Reviews:


Name/Nickname: Zona

Loved the wallet… loved the service… loved the packing and loved the timings as well in short loved everything abt this page keep it up 😊

Aurochs Wallet review 1


Name/Nickname: Chris

Just received my new Gravity wallet. Very impressed with the presentation (it comes in its own wallet) and quality of the item. Proper leather and ingeniously designed. Very pleased with this, so thanks.
Name/Nickname: Fauzi
Pure class! Lost my Auroch Light (loved it for the brief time I had it) and decided to order the Gravity… So far, so great! And the typewritten, personalised message from Farooq is just perfect… Good luck to you guys!
Aurochs Wallet review 2
Name/Nickname: Sabih
Perfect sized Wallets, amazing branding and packaging. Totally export material. Nailed it like a pro !
Name/Nickname: M. Mohsin
I just received My Wave Wallet… I gave me Waves while watching it… Its simply awsome and more than I expected…
And not to miss the packing presentation that was realy good
Aurochs Wallet review 3
Name/Nickname: Umar
In my opinion 10/10.We always get coins in our daily life which we put into our pockets or throw away into our homes.So If we have a wallet with Coin Pocket,then It will be much easy for us to handle these coins.
Name/Nickname: Hammad
Wow. Amazing first experience when I receive my order it was packed in a nice pouch first of all I thought that maybe they sent me a wrong wallet but when I flip the pouch to find my wallet inside it. I was amazed by the representation of the product, the guys at Aurochs knew how to deliver the product directly into the heart. as far as talking about quality I would say I have not seen this quality so far at any Store amazing product. I would definitely recommend to my friends.
Aurochs Wallet review 4
Name/Nickname: Ray
I would say the product quality is great, however the latest price is a little bit too high. The previous price is much more affordable.

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