Evaca Tesla Reviews – A Review on the Ultimate One-Stop Shop for Tesla Accessories

Do you own a Tesla and feel befuddled by the vast array of accessories available for all models? EVACA is a one-stop shop for all of your Tesla accessory needs. In this blog post, we’ll look closely at the company and provide a detailed evaluation so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy from EVACA products for your Tesla. Range extenders, roof racks, charging cords, car covers, and other accessories are available from EVACA. On the other hand, is it worthwhile to shop with them? Let’s investigate!

Introducing EVACA – a One-Stop Shop for Tesla Accessories

Company logo of EVACA.
EVACA Tesla Accessories Logo.

Have you heard of EVACA or Electric Vehicle Accessories Canada?

EVACA focuses on delivering high-quality accessories for Tesla Models X, S, 3, and Y, offering a wide range of goods meant to enhance Tesla owners’ and users’ EV experiences. It also includes installation guidelines for upgrading your Tesla with various accessories.

On its online store, EVACA sells charging cables and adapters, floor mats, luggage liners, seat covers, phone mounts, and tire repair kits. All of their products are designed to make driving an electric vehicle more comfortable, convenient, and safe. Because the company takes pride in selecting high-quality materials, its accessories are built to last and withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Are the Prices Competitive and Affordable for Customers?

Some products being marketed by EVACA.
EVACA Tesla Accessories Hot Deals.

Customers want to know if they’re getting a good bargain when it comes to prices. So, let’s talk about EVACA and its Tesla accessory line. Are their prices reasonable?

Let’s compare this company’s costs to those of its competitors using this product: the dashboard anti-glare suede cover for the Tesla Models 3 and Y. As you can see, EVACA has one of the lowest deals when compared to other online retail sites, with the exception of AliExpress.

However, the point of dispute here is the comparative parameters. We cannot expect the comparable product to have the same brand and specs.

Nonetheless, the company ensures its products are made of high-quality materials that will enhance your EV experience. The components were purchased from manufacturers and suppliers in Canada, where we should expect lower manufacturing costs for Tesla autos and accessories. Furthermore, it is entirely situated in British Columbia, Canada. That is why EVACA can offer high-quality products at low costs!

Are EVACA’s products affordable? It all comes down to your personal budget. However, it provides customers with a good price-quality ratio. At the end of the day, you must determine whether you want to purchase Tesla accessories from EVACA.

What are the Promotions Offers of EVACA?

Promotion Offers of EVACA
EVACA Tesla Accessories Promotion Offers.

Customers value any discount provided by online shops. It motivates them to buy more of their products. EVACA is now offering the following promotions to its customers:

  • 2023 Free Gift Event: You are qualified to get a gift from EVACA with a minimum total purchase of CAD 200 before tax.
  • Price Match: EVACA will match any dealer’s lowest price for any product you find. If the company lowers the price of its items within 15 days of purchase, you will be repaid the difference.
  • Local Pick-up Discount: For all local pick-up orders and shopping in the company’s warehouse, EVACA offers a 5% discount or a 5% refund on all products. However, you cannot combine this with any other offer code.
  • Model 3/Y Photo Contest: Customers can share photos of their Model 3 or Model Y with EVACA components. You will win a CAD 25 gift card if the PR team posts your image on all of EVACA’s social media platforms.
  • Free Shipping Event: EVACA provides free shipping to Canadian and US clients who spend at least CAD 100 or USD 100.

For more detailed information about promotion offers, you can access its website

What do Users say about EVACA?

This post will discuss EVACA user reviews for product quality, delivery & logistics, and customer service. Third-party review sites can provide an in-depth assessment of the overall EVACA client experience. As a result, prospective buyers can make an informed decision about whether to buy Tesla accessories from EVACA.

Product Quality

When it comes to product quality, it is always a gamble. You never know what you’re going to get unless you try it. EVACA has been building a name for itself in the EV market for quite some time.

Some users advised you to get Tesla accessories from EVACA. It’s because of the great quality of some of the products purchased by users, specifically the TPO and 3D floor mats and the 6-Port USB Hub Center Console Adapter for all Tesla models.

Meanwhile, some users are not happy with the quality of some products from EVACA. Particular products, such as the dash cover, floor mats, matte screen protector, console organizers, and performance pedals, do not live up to the “high-quality” claims of the company for its Tesla accessories. Moreover, some users claimed that some parts of the same 6-Port USB Hub Center Console Adapter are not working (e.g., USB-C ports not charging).

As you can see, we observe mixed reactions to the quality of Tesla components marketed by EVACA. Nonetheless, there is always space for product quality improvement. The firm should uphold its pledge to supply high-quality Tesla accessories to its customers.

Delivery and Logistics

If you’re shopping for Tesla accessories, EVACA might provide what you need. With an online shop, it’s not just about the products, but also about how quickly they can ship them to you.

Fast delivery time is an important part of the user experience in the world of online transactions, and EVACA understands this. They can deliver your order in a fair amount of time due to efficient logistics. EVACA upholds its goal to ship all accessories within 4-8 business days in Canada and the United States.

Furthermore, some Canadian consumers choose to pick up their products from the warehouse. They can verify the quality of the accessories they order. They may be entitled to discounts or refunds when they pick up the items from the warehouse.

One thing of concern, however, is the dilapidated state of the warehouse that stores all Tesla accessories before delivery or local pick-up as noted by some users. Although looking at a recent photo uploaded to the website, it seems that the company put some effort into renovating the warehouse. This only shows the commitment EVACA has to ensure that the orders of its customers are safe and secure.

Recent photo of the company's warehouse

Despite some EVACA Tesla accessories being of poor quality, customers praise the company’s delivery and operations. Users in Canada like how quickly their orders are delivered or picked up locally. Moreover, the company can ensure its customers that their orders can be picked up in perfect condition.

Customer Service

Consumer happiness is essential for establishing long-term consumer connections. This includes responding to their issues quickly and effectively.

Currently, we only found a few reviews on the customer service of EVACA. However, you won’t be disappointed, as users found it to be helpful in answering their inquiries and concerns about their purchases. A user gave positive feedback on the customer service since it helped the user on how to install the Tesla accessories for free, upon claiming the orders from the warehouse.

We need more user reviews on customer service to see whether EVACA actually lives up to its company-wide commitment to customer satisfaction. Nonetheless, the company should continue to give its clients the best EV experience possible.

Is EVACA the Right Choice for Your Tesla Accessory Needs?

Image by Freepik

If you’re a Tesla owner shopping for accessories, you’ve most likely come across EVACA. But is it worth your time and money?

We can conclude that the organization has to improve its distribution of high-quality items to clients. It can do so by sourcing its accessories from respected manufacturers and vendors. EVACA can ensure that the quality and pricing of Tesla accessories are in balance, even with markup fees.

EVACA is regarded well for its quick shipping and logistics, despite shortcomings in product quality. Users in Canada have the option of shipping or local warehouse pick-up. Regardless, the company follows through on its promise to produce on schedule. Moreover, it is a wise investment for the company to make its warehouse aesthetically pleasing and durable. This is to ensure that all purchases of the customers will be stored in perfect condition before shipping or local pick-up. We all know that having a dilapidated warehouse can be problematic for all stored items as these can be affected by outside influences and structural flaws.

Finally, we cannot establish EVACA’s reputation for customer service. However, we think that the company will be able to provide essential customer satisfaction through good communication and prompt responses to inquiries and complaints.

If EVACA can overcome its current issues, it has the potential to become the ideal one-stop shop for Tesla accessories. Nonetheless, if you live in Canada or the United States and need aesthetic and functional upgrades for your Tesla, go no further than EVACA. Don’t forget to obtain your Tesla accessories from EVACA straight away! 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Evaca Tesla Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Matteo

A great site to buy accessories for our Tesla. Fantastic customer service and speed of response.

Name/Nickname: Ron

Asked a question about damaged tesla organizer box and a change was made. Very responsive, attentive, and listened to feedback. Thanks for the support.

Name/Nickname: Ravi

Perfect fit and excellent price. These TPO floor mats are great for the upcoming snow and slush Thanks for your quick delivery

Name/Nickname: Frank

As a new Tesla owner, I needed to find a good place to get aftermarket parts that fit my car and from a company that I could trust. After looking around and reading reviews – I found Evaca. I’m glad I did! The customer service there is outstanding. They’re easy to reach and they answered every question I had effortlessly. Friendliest staff I’ve ever dealt with.

Name/Nickname: Randell

Overall, I have been pleased with Evaca Canada, with a few exceptions. Their website is nice, prices not bad, the quality of most things has been great.

Name/Nickname: Annonymous

EVACA Tesla Model 3 USB Hub Centre Console Adapter excellent fit, perfect for my model 3. Now i have extra ports for my usb stick and other cables. Good price too!

Name/Nickname: Oliver

Good customer service, very fast delivery, lots of accesories in one place. Fully recommend, as its the best place to buy accessories for Tesla.

Name/Nickname: Marie

I highly recommend Evaca Tesla products. They have a lot of accessories in their store that we ended up buying more items for our Model 3. We will be back for more accessories in the future.

Name/Nickname: Kevin

The products are of great quality (Tesla model 3), the sales department is responsive. I can only recommend.

Name/Nickname: Kenny

I have had great experiences with Evaca. Overall the products are great, and the only time I had an actual issue, they went above and beyond to make it better. Even though it was probably more an OCD problem on my end, and not a product issue. Will continue to purchase from them moving forward!

Name/Nickname: Kirk

Great accessories for my tesla, customer service, highly recommended!

Name/Nickname: Josh

Amazing products. The whole team is always friendly and helpful! 10/10. The only place I place I’ll buy Tesla parts.

Name/Nickname: Sonny

Awesome Tesla 3 and Y products – accessories, a little overpriced but worth it. IMO

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