FuroSystems Review – FuroSystems Electric Bike and Scooter Review

FuroSystems Review

Looking for FuroSystems Review? There you can find the latest customers opinions about Furo Systems electric bikes & scooters.

FuroSystems Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Gina

Totaly satisfied with my new electric Furo X bike. Rising streets to work is now a bed of roses for me!

FuroSystems Review 2

Name/Nickname: Artie

Great bike , quick and responsive. Durable and light at the same time.
Name/Nickname: David
Furo X bike has turned normal bike riding into superman riding…..would HIGHLY recommend you buy this right now!
Name/Nickname: James

Sierra is an awesome bike! The customer support and delivery was an excellent experience. Well packed, even double boxed (the box itself probably weighed 10lbs), a lot of styrofoam and wrapping, all meticulously placed. Since receiving the bike, I’ve ridden it everyday avg. 16-20 miles on pavement, gravel, dirt & single track trails. It is easy to handle, well balanced and an exhilarating ride, what a blast!! A great bike, best decision ever! Keep up the good work, you build great with great people!

FuroSystems Review 3

Name/Nickname: James

Best investment I have ever made, which is the only reason I’m even leaving a review. The bike runs awesome after a half-year, zero issues. This is the third ebike I have owned and I will never waste my time or money again with a different brand, due to their quality and their top-notch customer service. Thanks Furosystems you guys are the beat!!!

Name/Nickname: Rudi

I love my e-bike from FURO SYSTEMS. Overengineered, solid, fun to ride. I have almost a thousand miles and four months with this bike, and I still can’t wait to ride it. Makes you feel like a kid with his first bike…the wind is always at your back! Invest in one today, you won’t be sorry.
Name/Nickname: Stan

Easy to install. Makes you feel like you have more control of your bike. Glad I purchased.

Name/Nickname: Thomas

Etura is exactly what I was looking for for a first ebike for my wife and myself. And the price! Just perfect. I have already been thinking of an upgrade to get a smoother ride with longer range but for our first, these could not be better!

Name/Nickname: Eric

The product is excellent, but more importantly, the support after the purchase is what works for me.

Over 750 miles on my bike since last month. It’s the best!
Name/Nickname: Lucas
I’ve ridden electric bikes before, but Furo X multiple options makes it perfect for extra long battery life and hands down the most enjoyable experience on an electric bicycle.
FuroSystems Review 1
Name/Nickname: Laura
I want to thank Furo Systems for excellent customer service. Our ETURA is amazing, a solid well designed e bike. The entire family is enjoying this bike, young and old. No regrets with this purchase!
Name/Nickname: Paul

I was a little impatient during the wait but after receiving my bike I was glad I did. It seems to be a very well made bike and everything just works so well. It meets all my expectations.

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