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GVIDO review

We share only the newest GVIDO reviews! Here you can find the opinions around GVIDO 13.3 Music Reader. Is this product worth to buy? See below.

GVIDO Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Mike

This Device is amazing, just the option of being able to turn the pages using the Pedal is enough to convince me. Love it <3

GVIDO review 1

Name/Nickname: Ellie

It’s pretty expensive and nothing I need, but on the other hand side, it’s also a pretty cool device with lots of great features. I’ll buy it if I had enough money.
Name/Nickname: Bill
This is a total revolution. At some point my students are going to start coming to the lesson with a tiny little device instead of carrying tons of sheet music with them 😃
Name/Nickname: Jes
Must have a product for any professional musician. When you try this device you will love this.
Name/Nickname: Susan
This tablet is amazing, I was about to order 1 for myself, but I received this as a birthday gift. I so happy because I am saved $1600 <3
Name/Nickname: Doug
Ordered. I cant wait to get one myself. I think it will really be a big improvement. Very cool!
Name/Nickname: Victoria
I’ve seen people use tablets in a very similar way, but this device seems more eye-friendly and practical! Time to save some money, I guess.
Name/Nickname: Stephanie
This tablet looks and works fantastic – and yes pricey, but I’m sure it’s totally worth the price.
Name/Nickname: Darren
Yeah! It’s cost a lot of money, but if you’re a professional musician it’s worth it.
GVIDO review 2
Name/Nickname: Mika
It is great to use a high quality product with high price tag, when most things are going towards as cheap as possible. Though there is no way I can afford this, we need a variety of things, to keep high quality stuff around!
Name/Nickname: Mike
It’s a wonderful idea! I am looking for such hardware since years. Now I am happy owner of GVIDO 13.3 Dual Screen Music Reader.
Name/Nickname: Ben
This device have anything what I need.
I am able to insert and check bookmarks (for quick access to movements in a sonata or concerto). I have the ability to access a page or two before a repeat, or another page after a coda sign is presented in scores.

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