Safe Place Bedding Reviews – Beds for Children With Special Needs Review

Safe Place Bedding Reviews

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Safe Place Bedding Reviews:


Name/Nickname: Kelle

Love their beds and the customer service is number one!!

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Name/Nickname: Sherry

This bed has been such a blessing! Normal safety beds cost thousands of dollars. Sometimes insurance pays for them, but a lot of times they won’t. The Safe Place Bed from Safe Place Bedding (look it up!) is only $300-$400 and it can go wherever we go! Share if you know any families of special kiddos that might benefit from this! (Not a paid endorsement, ha ha. We just like to support small, family-owned businesses when we can.


Name/Nickname: Katie

That is awesome!!! Not to mention medical beds are soooo big! When you have small (not calling your house small but small for family size) houses like we both do them a medical bed would take up too much needed space! I love this bed.


Name/Nickname: Anna

We love our new Safe Place bed! Thank you! Our son is sleeping really well I’m just wondering what people put in the bottom as obviously we can’t use our fitted sheets.


Name/Nickname: Mindy

We bought this bed as we prepared for our cross country military move. It went through no less than 15 states. So easy up and down and best of all my guy sleeps sooo well in it. This him not wanting to get up in the morning lol. This has definitely been our favorite investment! Over and over again it has proven reliable and the customer service has been amazing!


Name/Nickname: Susie

We love our safe place bedding! We can put our girl to bed and know she is safe. Then I can go to bed and know my girl isn’t going anywhere! We can travel! And I can sleep! She feels like she is at home. We have been on some many trips that Ella and I are up most of the night! Now we travel with our safe place bedding every time!


Name/Nickname: Toni

We love our SafePlace Bedding!! She’s so comfortable in it and we can sleep soundly knowing she’s safe! My favorite part is watching her crawl inside when she’s ready for bed and hearing her sweet little snores next to our bed.

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Name/Nickname: Mary

I bought this bed from Safe Place Bedding. It has been a life saver for us when our boy sleeps over . It keeps him safe and gives him the necessary room to enjoy a good nights sleep! It’s easy to assemble and is portable. We can use it anywhere! Even great for kids who have a hard time going to bed since it is a tent and kids love tents. I just can’t say enough about the peace of mind this bed affords us! I highly recommend!


Name/Nickname: Cheryl

My son loves his “tent” and his older brother enjoys “camping” with him during the day with a good book and some stuffed animal friends. He has a cozy escape that allowed all of us a vacation escape. We will forever sing the praises of SPB!


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