HeaWea MicroGen Reviews – Healing Device Review

HeaWea MicroGen Reviews

Please read HeaWea MicroGen review before you make a purchase of this healing device. There you can find the latest and legit customer’s opinions around HeaWea.com product.

HeaWea MicroGen Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Nick

After having been a Spooky2 user for over 3 years I was excited when they created the HeaWea Microgen. Finally, a portable programmable device that I could use when out and about socialising and also when I go away for a week at Christmas. A device that was simple to use and had many functionalities!

Name/Nickname: Jasmine

MicroGen It works real well … no one wants to bother now with regular generators because this little thing is so handy and powerful… (doing my sciatica now – works within minutes) …. I am also doing my gallstones remotely for months – it works but its is weak… I gave it a boost with the Microgen over night… works real well… ! Bottom line: no one want to sit connected to cables when we now have the MicroGen

Name/Nickname: Ed

Please make an upgraded cable. I have had terrible time trying to solder on a new jack. Love the M.G…. really effective device!!!

Name/Nickname: Irena

Hi! I have been using HeaWea for about almost two weeks, and I feel very good about it, especially with the blood purifier mode because you can feel the vibration of the frequency.

And today I had a problem with my headache. After using the programs that I put it in, I feel much better. I hope this helps for anyone who wants to use HeaWea.

Thank you! Bye-bye.

Name/Nickname: Marcel

Waiting on mine HeaWea MicroGen device, plan on running covid protein protocols and covid protocols when at work and out in public to protect from covid protein shedding from the vaccinated, currently have the spooky2

Name/Nickname: John

I have been using the HeaWea Microgen and found it to be a well made effective device which is easy to use.

Name/Nickname: Shameka

I am super happy! Just got it today!

Name/Nickname: Advik

Excellent support provided. I got my HeaWea replacements cables in just three days to India. Would be buying many more products👍

Name/Nickname: Kristina

I am using HeaWea daily for my multiple health issues. Love the HeaWea, company, and the people who work so hard to help us with our healing!

Name/Nickname: Elizabeth

Easy to use device and benefits are well worth the purchase. Class support for a grat product, enabling you to address health issues in a strong and discrete way. Really appreciate this new technology.

Name/Nickname: Thomas

I had a cable problem, thanks to the Heawea support for their quick response and solution. Professional team and device!

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