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Pleas read Helen Ficalora jewelry reviews before you make a purchase. There you can find the latest customer’s opinions around charms, rings and other products made by this company.

Helen Ficalora Jewelry Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Sarah

Loving my new twist chain. It really amps up my favorite charms! Next piece on my wishlist is the rainbow!!!!
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Name/Nickname: Hayley
I am loving my new Helen Ficalora push present from my hubby and kids! The large diamond chain is fabulous!
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Name/Nickname: Vienna
Thank you to Helen Ficalora for my sweet rose gold dog bone ❤ I love it! ❤

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Name/Nickname: Michele

I love my Valentine…this is what he gave me to add to the one that I already had…an”A” for my daughter. She passed away almost three years ago. These are for my boys and him & I. ❤️ These charms are so pretty and simple. I ❤️ them!!

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Name/Nickname: Marie

Went past Helen Ficalora‘s Main Street, Bridgehampton store on the way to Montauk Point this month. One of my favorite jewelers!

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Name/Nickname: Poonam

Just received my pretty necklace.Thanks Helen Ficalora for such a pretty necklace.Thanks !!

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Name/Nickname: Amy

Some of my Helen Ficalora Collection. Some pieces not pictured! I just love them!!!

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Name/Nickname: Amanda

Kim Richards of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been wearing the gold Mom charm with the diamond all season! That’s how you know you love HF. The ability to spot it everywhere!

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Name/Nickname: Rachael

Loving the L my husband added to the necklace he bought me 8 years ago. I now have an R for me, a J for my husband, love, and an L for our daughter Lola. Thank you!
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Name/Nickname: Ericca
I got the mini pave butterfly charm that I had
Been wanting for my necklace from my hubby for our 1st anniversary.
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Name/Nickname: Lisa
Love the mini charms! Going to get a bigger 2 for the middle though so it looks a little more snazzy! 222 has always been a number I feel God shows me when I am confused or frustrated about a situation… A physical, viewable way for Jesus to say “Hey Im Always Here, Its Going To Be Ok!”
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Name/Nickname: Maya
Hi, I’m a photographer and I was shooting “things I love” last night, and thought I’d share this shot with you here! Love your jewelry!
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Name/Nickname: Amanda
Hubby and my “boys” charm necklace…picked up the “F” on our anniversary trip to NYC at the end of the June for our new little guy. Get so many compliments on my necklace!
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