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Illumiflow reviews

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Illumiflow Reviews:


Name/Nickname: Sandra

I highly recommend Illumiflow laser cap. This product changed my life.

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Name/Nickname: Paul
I have been using this laser for about 8 months and I will say it works. For me it wasn’t a miracle but it did grow new hair and my hair feels a lot healthier. I didn’t take anything else and I will say it works.
Name/Nicname: Carloss
Illumiflow its the best it will keep your hair but if you have thinning spots unfortunately you have to have transplants.
Name/Nickname: Melissa
I am kind of excited about this, as I have gotten older my hair is thinning.
Name/Nickname: Charles
It gives me hope. Losing my hair has been very depressing. I just got an Illumiflow and hoping for the best.
Name/Nickname: David
It works! My friend Steve does hair consultations daily with men and women experiencing hair loss. He’s been able to see first hand the changes laser has made in various hair loss cases.
Name/Nickname: Steve
So far so good. I am just wrapping up my eighth week, and I am definitely seeing some new growth along the hairline. The so-called “shedding“ phase seems to be just about over. Although I have to admit that freaked me out for a little while. Curious to see where I’ll be in another six months.
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Name/Nickname: Bobby
I regrew loads of hair, and i have kept it, I even regrew some hairline hair…
Name/Nickname: Marie
My husband has the Illumiflow and honestly I do think it’s made a difference in his bald spot on top.
I bought this hair laser cap and It would be soooo nice to have my hair grow back!
Name/Nickname: Isabel

This product has worked great for me! I had hoped to stop hair loss – and this product actually grew new hair for me!

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