LunchEAZE Review – The World’s First Self Heated Lunchbox

LunchEAZE review

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LunchEAZE Reviews:


Name/Nickname: Sherema

Its helps me so much! Thanks for inventing this. Im a road warrior. Home care RN. I am always in my car. Now I can eat healthy home cooked meals in my car . No microwave no plug needed im so happy for this Thank u so much. Easy to use too. No directions needed to figure out!

LunchEAZE review 1

Name/Nickname: Betcha

I love this product because it’s safe for children to use. My boys can enjoy a fresh and healthy second breakfast at school!


Name/Nickname: Hallie

This is used almost every day for work- the charge lasts 2 or 3 times between use & really does its job on gettin hot 10/10!


Name/Nickname: Erica

I love my new lunchbox! I have worked in community-based mental health for 2.5 years and leave home at 8:30-8:45am and don’t get home until 7-7:30pm a lot of the time. Food has been a struggle with the job because you either drive through between sessions or have to keep a yeti cooler in your car but sandwiches and cold stuff gets old so fast for me. My only complaint is I wish your battery lasted longer. I’m not in my car long enough for the car charger to be effective as I usually do 1-3 hour sessions and schedule them back-to-back. But being able to have hot food that’s homemade (cheaper and healthier) is going to be a game changer!


Name/Nickname: Sparky

Just got mine the other day and used it! Awesome money well spent by wifey for xmas <3


Name/Nickname: Elen

This is the best invention I have seen all year!


Name/Nickname: Danielle

I get mine tomorrow. Excited! Works more on a timer than a temperature setting. Everything has worked well though.

LunchEAZE Review 2

Name/Nickname: Kamih

Great product for eating hot food on the go. My favourite lunch box 🙂


Name/Nickname: Jahan

I just bought one of these Luncheaze lunch Boxes No more fast food or microwaved food!


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