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Koinly.io review

Take a look at the Koinly.io review. See what customers say about Koinly App. Read all opinions carefully and decide if it’s worth buying this Crypto Tax Software.

Koinly.io Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Mithuan

It has been a great experience with Koinly. I was very uncertain about how I would go about doing my crypto taxes. Then, I found Koinly. Once I understood how to auto sync different exchanges that I traded on, it was a very smooth process then on. Also, you can go through the transactions manually and edit them if there is a discrepancy. Lastly, you always hear back from the customer service team promptly on how to resolve your issues. Thank you very much Koinly…

Name/Nickname: Rose

Nice and easy to use and my tax report looks fine and easy to understand. Will make your life a whole lot easier. Would highly recommend.

Name/Nickname: Mike

I am very impressed by this software.

The whole process was so smooth.

The amount of time I have saved is crazy. Actually I doubt if I ever could have have done the same job.

Name/Nickname: Michael

I am cery happy with the whole experience using the koinly app..easy to use…user friendly…very quick and effective!! great value for the price payed.

Name/Nickname: Taner

So far so good! I haven’t found another site that’s as easy to use to get all of my crypto information in one place.

Name/Nickname: Gary

Koinly is my lifesaver! Saved me a lot of time and a lot of money. Unbelievable product. I can’t recommend this enough. Got all my tax reports sorted in about one hour.

Name/Nickname: Norm

Koinly team were great and helped me solve a problem I had due to my own error. I would highly recommend using them for your crypto taxes and rest assured you’re going to get great assistance if you have any problems.

Name/Nickname: John

Koinly is my n1 software. It’s really great and saved me a ton of time manually tracking my trades on spreadsheets..

Name/Nickname: Martina

Have been using Cointracking since 2017 but I really must say it´s not for me: somehow I cannot get my head around it. After switching to the Koinly software I must say it’s worth of any cent!

Name/Nickname: Dodi

From recommended four crypto tax software I decided to get Koinly and it’s just like someone turned the lights on.

Name/Nickname: Steven

Superb product for summarizing your crypto taxes If you don’t have a lot of time to spend tallying up all your trades and income.

Name/Nickname: Simon

I have tried multiple crypto tax services but Koinly is by far the best I have ever tried. The taxes was done in 20 minutes as advertised. And being able to pay the membership with crypto is very satisfying.

Name/Nickname: David

Fantastic website, can’t fault it for what I need and the follow up customer service has also impressed. Koinly is a must have software for crypto investors.

Name/Nickname: Linda

Koinly offered the best service for the price out all the other companies I checked out. The website was also very easy to navigate. Highly recommended!

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