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Laowa Venus Optics Review

Welcome! Here you can find the latest Laowa Venus Optics review. Check what customers say around unique, practical & affordable lenses available at this store. Are these products worth to buy? See below.

Laowa Venus Optics Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Agnes

Like a dream, on “l’Etang de l’Or” in the South of France

with canon 6D, and Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D, ND filter and GND Kase

Name/Nickname: Amande

I own three Laowa lenses- 12 mm, 15 mm & 100 mm macro & have to say these lenses are superior quality. There is nothing on the market that can compete with the glass and build. Superb lenses.

Name/Nickname: Andrew

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

12mm ZD wide open 🙂

Name/Nickname: Bobby

Laowa 60mm 2x macro absolutely love the colors the lens creates!

Name/Nickname: Mathieu

Using MFT lens (4mm and 7.5mm) mostly on drone. Amazing image and built quality. I really love the wider angle of view those lens gives on drone.

Name/Nickname: Krystle

A portrait of a male Lasioglossum dialictus(native bee) on a yarrow flower taken with the Laowa 25mm f/2.8 2.5-5x lens.Arcadia, California, USA

Name/Nickname: Yves

I just bought the new 10/2.0 for MFT cameras. A lot better than expected in terms of sharpness, including in the corners at full aperture, well centered, and ultra-light. I love it.

Name/Nickname: Catalin

Winter has arrived in Romania 🙂 Olympus EM1X, Laowa 9mm Zero Dhandheld, manual focus.

Name/Nickname: Jc Cunningham

Best Astro lens is the 15mm F2 zero D! Actually won me a photo contest last year! Thanks for making some beautiful glass!

Name/Nickname: Allan

My first shot with the Laowa 15mm macro lens straight out of the box. LOVE this lens. Small British £1 coin. Canon 5DIV and one Canon flash.

Name/Nickname: Raphael

Free and fast delivery by Fedex, the new 10mm f2 mft arrived after two weeks, holidays between. And it seems to be an impressive lens. I definitely can recommend.

Name/Nickname: Jean

Pentax k-1 + 15 mm wide angle macro

Name/Nickname: Gavin

I own the 12mm 2.8f for my Nikon D850 and its a truly awesome lens! so sharp, ultra wide with zero distortion when taking level shots and offers a great colour range in an image. by far my favourite piece of glass in my bag!

Name/Nickname: Mikael

Damn! I like my 60mm macro 🙂

Name/Nickname: Adelfredo

Affordable lenses, Good quality opticsThe Zero Distortion lenses is awesome!

Name/Nickname: Giovanni

9mm for Fuji X: just excellent. Zero-D is not just a claim but a fact. Add the sharpness, on a very good level, and the 13,5mm equivalence on FF, and You have a great performer

Name/Nickname: Jay Sun Len

I own the wide angle 1:1 with shift, 60mm 2:1, and now 100mm 2:1 and I love them all, here are some samples respectively because photos are better than words.

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