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EMP Shield review

Pleas write EMP Shield review before you make a purchase. There you can find the latest customer’s opinions around EMP shielding products for car, home and vehicles.

EMP Shield Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Forgetyou

I did a lot of research about this before I purchased. The most important part for me is the surge protection as the area in which I live has a lot of surges and brownouts. I’m also trying to get my work to purchase them as we have several power surges every year, especially during high winds. It doesn’t seem too difficult to understand how investing a few hundred dollars is better than losing one piece of equipment worth $500k. The fact that these are tested and certified to withstand multiple EMP strikes is just a bonus.

Name/Nickname: Brandon

Just got it in the mail today and was the easiest install i have done. Very happy with it and knowing my truck is protected.

Name/Nickname: Tonya

I’m proud to be a part of the EMP Shield Group. Since joining, I’ve learned about the various ways our Power Grid is at risk. I’ll continue to learn, and this will help to prepare me for what’s going to inevitably happen. Thank you EMP Shield!

Name/Nickname: Phil

Product arrived quickly, and seems easy to install. I am a bit skeptical about all of the claims about total EMP protection, but I won’t know about it’s effectiveness until it’s too late! The way I look at it, it’s at least worth a try!

Name/Nickname: Hector

Just installed my EMP Shield.

Name/Nickname: Ross

I just installed my EMP Shield for my car. Piece of cake and now I’m protected. I thought it to be important to have at least one car protected just in case it’s needed. Thanks!

Name/Nickname: Flo

TESTED & CERTIFIED PRODUCT THAT PROVIDES ‘BEST-IN-CLASS’ PROTECTION. at a reasonable price, Prompt customer-centric support, would buy again!

Name/Nickname: Sally

I just got my EMP SHIELD in the mail! Im so excited to have this🤗! I won it on MARFOOGAL news! I’m going to get several of these for my family’s cars! Thank you so much EMP SHIELD! Love the marfoogal family! Yal are such a blessing! Marfout!

Name/Nickname: Kade

Took less than 10min to install. Edison lab approved. Made in USA and trusted by airports, and police departments already on their vehicles and runways.

Name/Nickaname: Alan

What can I say other than it appears to be a nice unit that is easy to install. Can’t test until an EMP event happens.

Name/Nickname: Michel

This is a “Must Have” if you want to protect your electronics and your home, especially if you have a so-called smart meter, those things are inherently dangerous during power surges.

Name/Nickname: Linda

I received mine yesterday and had an electrician install it today. He stated this was “BY FAR THE BEST DEVICE OF THIS KIND HE HAS EVER SEEN” Very high quality and gives me great peace of mine. I’ve also just ordered the 1st EMP Shield for your vehicle today. I would also like to have one for Solar and for my gas generator, but 1 thing at a time. I live in Central Texas and lots of people around here need this protection!

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