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Linsoul Audio Review

Welcome! Here you can find the latest Linsoul Audio reviews. Check what customers say around Linosoul hifi audio products. Are these products are good or not? See below.


Linsoul Audio Reviews:


Name/Nickname: Lubo

The sound quality is outstanding. The company is tuning their products close to the Harman curve which results in a very smooth and pleasant playback but with great resolution and detail. I’m also very happy with the following dialog that I had with them. They were very helpful and genuinely interested to help me resolve my issue. I absolutely recommend any of the multi BA IEM that they make.


Linsoul Audio review 1


Name/Nickname: Mario

Fantastic sound ,great build quality. If you are an audiophile these will not dissapoint you. I highly recomend these items. Also fast postage to northern Ireland. Thank you very much the the person who hand assembled these. Very best regards!


Name/Nickname: Jordan

Excellent customer service, high quality curated list of headphones and accessories..


Name/Nickname: Thomas

Linsoul Audio has made clever use of materials and technology to reproduce a sound no one thought possible until now.


Name/Nickname: Juan

First impression was not ideal. Sound quality impression highly varies depending on where they are connected to. Like with Power Dac with no any processing sound is really misses treble. Surpisngly connection to laptop not that bad. It looks like there is very efficient bas response which is naturally missing from laptop. Anyway, after sometime spent on tuning they seems to be really good. Without doubts they are comfortable to listen for long time.


Name/Nickname: Khan

Great quality best headphones , delivery was bit late but im so happy great soundz thank you guys,

Linsoul Audio review 2

Name/Nickname: Mike

Just recieved my wireless headphones got to say sound quality is very good and the delivery was also really fast!


Name/Nickname: Zack

The box is amazing and the product is superb. They fit just right and never fall out of my ears. The sound is loud enough to enjoy and focus on your workout at the same time.


Name/Nickname: Samantha

Best quality earphone really impressed with quality <3


Name/Nickname: Andrew

Just keep your customer service and concern as good as it is. The product is awesome too.


Name/Nickname: Caroline

Just got my headphones & within few seconds I’ve fallen in love with them! Suggest to everyone!


Name/Nickname: Raul

I reached out to the team at, overall positive experience. Good selection, good prices. I’ll be back in the future.

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