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MiHIGH Reviews

Welcome! Here you can find the latest MiHIGH reviews. Check what customers say around Infrared Sauna Blanket made by this company. Is this product worth to buy? See below.

MiHIGH Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Alan

Mine arrived at the weekend and today I had my second sauna session in the blanket – really enjoyable! I’m still new so figuring out optimal usage, I’m thinking maybe 4 times a week.

Name/Nickname: Grace

Sweating out my demons

I got a sauna blanket

And although I know a lot of the benefits, I could not have anticipated how this experience would be for me.

I typically don’t sweat much even when I push myself hard. I don’t love hot baths. I didn’t think I’d like it but I really wanted it.

And something incredible happens when I get in this big black body bag.

I go somewhere.

But I don’t think it’s somewhere “out there” It’s somewhere “in here”

I get to know myself more.

I explore my mind and my limits and the limits of my mind.

Infrared saunas are a trip!

Dude, whoa. Whoa dude, whoa.

MiHIGH is where it’s at.

Name/Nickname: Catherine

Great product! I use it 3 times a week and really look froward to every session as it is so enjoyable to sweat without having to move at all!

Name/Nickname: Kanel

Just received mine on Tuesday (order on Friday 😊) and I looooove it. I don’t know only how many times can I use it a week?

Name/Nickname: Matt

Mihigh is a great product and a cheap knock off of HigherDOSE. HigherDOSE has been selling sauna blankets since 2017 (designed in part by the founder of Clearlight) and Mihigh just launched recently.

Name/Nickname: Christina

Shipping was pretty fast, I ordered April 9, 2021 and I got it April 16, 2021. I tried it today and I feel amazing. I will definitely be using this regularly and probably buy a second one for my husband at a later time.

Name/Nickname: Ann

Got mine about a week and a half ago and I’m addicted!! Love how I feel when I’m done. Calm, relaxed and refreshed. It’s amazing and convenient!

Name/Nickname: Dana

I have used it 3 times in 3 days & my husband has used it twice. We both love it & feel it is an excellent investment towards our health & well being. Thank you for creating such an amazing & affordable product!

Name/Nickname: Jean

Always clean, staff attentive and incredibly friendly. The saunas have become an integral part of my self-love routine and genuinely help with anxiety, depression, and skincare.

Name/Nickname: Sheila

I bought this heat blanket 5 weeks ago. So far it works well. I do not go to gym sauna anymore even it’s open. Glad to have it.

Name/Nickname: Joanne

I’ve had my blanket for about a month now and I love it. Within about four uses my metabolism boosted dramatically. It is well worth the money.

Name/Nickname: Jan

I look forward to using this sauna blanket. I feel good after. I’m ready to relax. My sleep is greatly enhanced. Highly recommend using this in the evening.

Name/Nickname: Denise

l use this product to relieve my aching joints and muscles. Also, I hope it works for lowering body fat. I’ve only used it twice and so far, I’m very happy

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