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Merchant Token ICO review

Pleas read Merchant Token ICO review before you make a MTO purchase. There you can find the latest customer’s opinions around Merchant Token.

Merchant Token ICO Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Pasztor

Merchant Token could be on of the the Hugest DeFi ICO in 2021

Name/Nickname: Anthony

You’re probably going to hear more and more about it on social media, it’s the ICO for the Merchant Token (MTO) that has just started. The ICO is done via a phase-based price progression model and we are at phase 10 out of 100 with a current price of $ 0.29 per token. If all phases are completed, the token will be listed for $ 1.2, on Uniswap on July 12. The team has already included in its roadmap a listing on a major asian exchange on August 5th, on a European major exchange on August 12th and on a major global exchange on August 19th. Rather, this is good news for global visibility and the timing in this bull market is right. Project run by, an existing payment solution that wants to complete its solution on the world of cryptos. The necessary criteria (team, roadmap, distribution of tokens, etc.) seem serious to me but since there is no better explanation than the white paper and the site itself, I invite you to DYOR Token audited by Certik, no red flag on the horizon, and I am not going to tell you that it is a * 10 or * 100 and excite you the bean for nothing (considering the price that we can have right away , I am thinking of reselling a part to reimburse the initial investment and let the rest slip away). If you find this project interesting, it is definitely a good time to take it now to feel earlier, and not wait for the last phase!

Name/Nickname: Augustin

I think it’s a potential x100 token, don’t miss out lads !

Name/Nickname: Imagine Star

Merchant token is holding big partners until later this month, and also plan for big exchanges, could easily reach $10 when they add exchanges in my opinion.

Name/Nickname: Alperen

Join the ico and be the hodler, showing no signs of a slowdown after exchange listing.

Name/Nickname: Esek

Merchant Coin is moon material for me. Merchant has so many high profile partners … thats god.

Name/Nickname: Joel

Awesome and interesting Project.

Definitely an ICO not to be missed.

Went in at Phase 60!

Name/Nickname: Brian

This coin could be Litecoin on roids due to what it can do. This is just my personal opinion however. It’s real life use case really intrigues me.

Name/Nickname: Augustin

Just buy a 2000$ bag of MTO.

There is a big thing coming 🚀🚀🚀

Name/Nickname: MrOxygen

Merchant Token is not going to the moon, it’s going on Mars ! Just invested in, coming back to comment when I am billionaire 🔥🔥🔥

Name/Nickname: Jack

Excellent work! Fantastic analysis into the team behind MTO. I just bought into the ico. It is a relief to know it’s at least a real project with a real team which solves a real problem.

Name/Nickname: CryptoGuru

This coin is revolutionary in the de-fi world and will be huge. From the face of it, it’s a great project and I’m invested. Only thing bugging me is the lack of communication on twitter from the MTO team.

Name/Nickname: Brandon

I think the Merchant Token will be a great project as well, can’t wait to see what’s next.. I think this token should sit around min 10 – 20$ in the future due circulation supply and possibly burn 🔥/staking…

Name/Nickname: Natamic

Just got in on this n I am really excited about it!! I love the idea behind it, so it was easy to get behind after doing my research.

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