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Name/Nickname: Margaret

The most unobtrusive solution for containing your feline family members safely to your backyard… and most installations only take a couple of hours!


Name/Nickname: Alex

We have it installed to keep in our Ragdoll Cat. It’s the only thing that has worked. Worth every cent and super easy to install.

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Name/Nickname: Amiee

Well worth the money! Had mine for years and it’s still doing the job 100%…except when I forget and lean something against the fence
Name/Nickname: Anni
Very effective. My cat used to jump over the fence all the time and go off on adventures. He can no longer jump over the fence thanks to this product!
Name/Nickname: Kara
My friend in Sydney has this for her cats and is never seen it before. Works a treat!!
Name/Nickanme: Hayley
This looks awesome, but I’m not sure whether it would be 100% effective with our escape artists. We will try it!
Name/Nickname: Nikki
I have this at home ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Fur babies can go outside are FREE and SAFE, awesome MODERN solution to ur fence
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Name/Nickname: Donna
Working well for my cats, but they are accustomed to being “ enclosed” and haven’t made any serious attempts to climb out.
Name/Nickname: Anna
I’ve installed this at my place, and recently at my mum’s as well. Works best right on the top of the fence if you want to keep other cats out, rather than at right angles just parallel to the top. I also put a 20cm sheet of Perspex on the fence just below to stop my escape artist.
Name/Nickaname: Linda
It’s a awesome product. Would rather keep all the other cats out.

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