Wild Flower Sex Reviews: See what customers say about WildFlowerSex.com store.

Wild Flower Sex Reviews

Looking for Wild Flower Sex Reviews? There you can find the latest customers opinions around WildFlower sex toys, accessories, prices and support.

About Wild Flower Sex:

Wild Flower Sex store was created in 2017. They provide innovative sexual products. The idea of WildFlower founders is to sell products in a sex-positive and educational environment. The biggest advantage of this shop is that they provide safe and ethical sex toys, accessories. See below what customers say about the WildFlowerSex.com store.

Wild Flower Sex Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Emma

First time ordering from Wild Flower! Was so nervous I emailed customer service and was reassured all packaging is 100% discrete.

Placed my first order, got it next day and has promised, totally discreet and no one knew what was inside besides me 😏

Would use again!

Name/Nickname: Mark

Me and my boy Alex luv this place xx we find fun and exciting ways to enjoy our selvesssssss and spice up our sex life xx I love you kirky xxx

Name/Nickname: Elliot

Great Choice of Products & Great Customer Service! Had a problem with an item, they sent a replacement out the next day!

Name/Nickname: Maria

Quite a shy person when it comes to buying sex toys and things. I found a few things I liked and I ordered them, arrived quickly and my mum accepted the package, and it was discreet as promised so she had no clue the toys arrived as promise, in excellent condition. Will order again.

Wild Flower Sex Reviews1

Name/Nickname: Sara

Really love Wild Flower products because they are very well made and give me maximum pleasure all the time. I have never had any problems with the products I buy. So I would definitely recommend that Wild Flower to anyone. Also a 10 star rating is also something that I have to say.

Name/Nickname: Miranda

Absolutely phenomenal customer service and great products.

Name/Nickname: Shiv

Both me and my parter have ordered a few things from here and we both love it! Speedy delivery and great quality products.

Name/Nickname: Caroline

Love the variety and customer service is outstanding. Highly recommend 🙂

Name/Nickname: Joseph

Amazing company. I have been using WildFlower for quite some time now. The products are amazing and I have never had a problem. Their customer service is top quality, always replying super quickly.

Name/Nickname: Frankie

Brilliant and friendly customer service and also a brilliant and fast delivery service

Wild Flower Sex Reviews2

Name/Nickname: Samantha

Received my parcel this morning have never used this service before. Very please with what I ordered and especially with the price. My partner will love what I have got! So pleased and thanks for a offer code off our next order! Will be using your service again. I will also rate your products through my account. Very happy 😊

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