Aletha Health Hip Hook Reviews

Aletha Health Hip Hook Reviews

Take a look at the Aletha Health Hip Hook reviews. See what customers say about this solving muscle tension & pain tool. Read all opinions carefully and decide if it’s worth buying store products .

Aletha Health Hip Hook Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Andrea

I am so excited to find relief. There was alot of great knowledge in the book. I’ve used the ball and now I am headed back upstairs to try it. Have a wonderful day with magical relief.

Name/Nickname: Zippy

I am FINALLY getting REAL help with my Greater Trochanteric Bursitis and tight IT band problems with a PLASTIC HOOK! Yes, I said it, all of that $$ spent on PT and I found an AT HOME solution that I can do any time I need to.

Name/Nickname: Ashley

I love my hip hook! It did for me mor than acupuncture. It’s amazing ❤️

Name/Nickname: Josh

Finally got my hands or rather hips on the Hip Hook! Instant relief!! Omg..never felt so good.

Name/Nickname: Christine

We just tested it on our athletes and they said the hip hook is WAY better than psorite

Name/Nickname: Marci

First use today, and I’m a fan of Christine Koth – Holistic Physical Therapist product Aletha Health The Hip Hook

Name/Nickname: Nick

Hip Hook vs Pso Rite? I bought and I use both. I actually first foam roll my legs, quads and abductors. Then I use the psi-rite and then the hip hook. The hip hook makes all the difference. I am finally pain free in my hips. I train BJJ and my ability to retain guard is drastically improved. I highly recommend it.

Name/Nickname: Jason

The hip hook was some of the best money I’ve spent. Squatting and running has gotten so much easier

Name/Nickname: Marie

After waiting for this amazing instrument, The Hip Hook, designed by Christine Koth has finally arrived! Book your session and find out just how well it works to release your psoas & illacus (the hip flexors)!

Name/Nickname: Dan

I been a pso rite user for last 2 years..and I found the hip hook to be much more superior in terms of attacking the Psoas and illacus..used it first time and hits the spot right away..Pso Rite is good though but more for a all rounder..the Hip Hook is much more of a specialised tool. Love love love it

Name/Nickname: Matt

The hip hook by Aletha has been the most recent addition to my morning routine to help release the iliacus and psoas muscles, especially on the right side that has given me trouble for the last few years.

Name/Nickname: Brie

Wahoo! Arrived today! I can’t wait to try it out!

Name/Nickname: Andrew

I bought this and what a difference when you use this to relax muscles … highly recommend!

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