Sorare Global Fantasy Football Reviews

Sorare Global Fantasy Football Reviews

Welcome! Here you can find the Sorare Global Fantasy Football reviews. Check what customers say about digital cards sold by this company. Are these NFT collectibles worth to buy? See reviews below!

Sorare Global Fantasy Football Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Andy

Absolutely fantastic fantasy football game and football card collection. Tournaments are free to enter which adds to this excellent experience, and you also have many side games to play, all free as well. Highly recommended

Name/Nickname: Philip

Great football experience and now after e weeks I’m really pleased. My teams are present in four different leagues and I’m winning new players and ETH each week. Very attractive game!

Name/Nickname: Robert

I have been on sorare since start of February, I have won four cards in competition worth around £1000, plus I have probably picked up around 0.250 Eth by hitting the threshold in the global D4. I initially put around £1,000 in and then around £2,000 in March and I have taken around £1200 out, so I have around £1800 of my own money in and because of the growth it is worth around £6,000. It is also a lot of fun and only time consuming at the start (when you are buying players).

Name/Nickname: Dan

It’s similar to Football Index, so I joined and havent regret. I was quite nervous dealing with it, but once your money is in, it’s really a great game where you can make really good money. You can get extra 5 free cards + 1 unique when you click here – SorareFreeCards

Name/Nickname: Quentin

I really like the Sorare game and scouting aspect of finding young talent from smaller clubs. A little complicated to get started in but a fun fantasy game nonetheless. Please improve a little bit simplicity and support. Thank you!

Name/Nickname: James

Really fantastic game, my friends and I have a lot of fun on this game and we have earned some extra ETH 🙂

Name/Nickname: Mike

An innovative advancement in Global Fantasy Football. I joined SoRare at the end of 2020 and I don’t regret. A wonderfully engaging global fantasy football game where you can win prizes, be a part of a rapidly developing community and even make a profit!

Name/Nickname: Martin

In my opinion Sorare is outstanding product with a bright future, changing the world of Fantasy Football with NFTs. Why I like it? Suitable for people with all ranges of budgets and aspirations. Try it for free – you may just love it like me.

Name/Nickname: Andrew

Enjoy your fantasy football players like never before. Sorare combines fantasy football with collectibles, NFTs and the future. I love the concept of this game and it’s supported by big names & brands.

Name/Nickname: Hugues

Excellent fantasy football game. For football fans, this is a wonderful game that allows the manager to buy players and see the rankings evolve according to the results of the players in matches on the weekends. The only problem is that at the moment the players are quite expensive even though Sorare is in the process of developing his game to make it more accessible.

Name/Nickname: Samir

After having problems with withdrawing my money, support went out of its way to answer me and solve my problem, even if I no longer play on this site I still have a very positive opinion of my experience. I recommend sorare.

Name/Nickame: Jim

Great game that mixes fantasy and nft. In addition, you can earn money if you know football well!

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