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Backstrong Chair Reviews

Take a look at the Backstrong Chair reviews. See what customers say about chair made by All 33 company. Read all opinions carefully and decide if it’s worth buying this product.

Backstrong Chair Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Marli

AMAZING Chair, i’ve never sat in a chair that keeps my back so straight, best part about it the setup was quick and easy. Loving this chair, worth the wait even though it took some time, but they have a great product!
Backstrong Chair Reviews 2
Name/Nickname: Ellen
It took a while but they were good about updating and the chair is great! Got it yesterday. Easy to put together and feels great.
Name/Nickname: Itay
I was told that I actually bought the very first one of these on Kickstarter. That was a while ago. At least a year.
Well, my Backstrong Chair arrived last night, and I have to say…
Wow! Well worth the wait! Plus, the team was really great and genuine about keeping us updated on delays and status.
The chair took no more than 5 minutes to set up and I am *loving* it.
I instantly feel the lumbar support, and it is super comfortable.
My back is happy. My butt is happy. I am happy.
Highly recommend.
Name/Nickname: Rachel
It amazing and the texture and everything is outstanding, it’s very comfy and my soon will love it.
Backstrong Chair Reviews 5
Name/Nickname: Derek
Excellent comfortable chair. Very well packaged and clear and easy to follow assembly instructions.
Name/Nickname: Terry
We purchased the Backstrong Chair from All33 website.
They arrived well packaged and assembling each chair was only a 10 minute job.
The instructions were clear and easy to follow, once the chairs are built they are very comfortable & the quality is very good.
Name/Nickname: Josh
Fast and efficient. Enjoying my new chair now. Thanks Backstrong team!
BackStrong chair reviews 4
Name/Nickname: Tony
Bought the backstrong chair for office use. It is perfect and price is actually reasonable for such good quality. Have tried a few other brands, end up still think All33 build and quality is the best.
Name/Nickname: Daniel
Bought this chair recently. WOW! The best chair I ever bought.
Then I invited my colleagues to come over and test it. The next day two of them orders theirs 🙂 Today both received their chair. They are so happy. Extra fast shipping.
Don’t need to be a good salesman to sell those chairs, they sell themselves.

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