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Chemical Collective Review

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Chemical Collective Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Lucas

I was skeptical a litte bit, because the tracking link wasnt working at first, but after a couple of hours it worked and all went flawless after that, reasonable fast shipping time (3-4 days over the border to germany if i remember correctly) and very well packaged. Quality of the one product i tested so far (1cp-LSD) was excellent as well and i feel the dosage given is accurate, no underdosed blotter! Chemical Collective is a great shop!

Name/Nickname: Jan

I have ordered here 7/8 times and I can recommend this site 100 percent. The best quality and legit products you can get and at a fair price.

Name/Nickname: Aleksandar

Great products! I tested for identity and purity of the compounds and was not able to find any major contamination. Should be well above 95%, if not 99%. Before and after my purchase I exchanged several Emails with “Jack” and “Jessica” and they were always nice, helpful and fast to answer. I really hope the upcoming bans across europe won’t kill this shop. In this field of business where unreliable folks and scammers are abundant this one is a lighthouse in the dark seas. Thank you very much!

Name/Nickname: Dylan

Best website i ever went into 🙂 ( got scammed by chemical planet, Shayana shop is super expensive !! ) You are guys just perfect, honest, responsible and responsive ! I won’t change, it’s the beginning of a love story between you and me 🙂 so please keep up the good work !

Name/Nickname: Henry

Quick, discrete, absolutely perfect. And a quesion I asked one eveneing was answered in depth within hours. Wonderful experience, absolutely recommend it! Thank you, guys!

Name/Nickname: Michael

Have not tried the tabs yet, but I know them quite well, so I know what i’m in for! Shipping was fast and discrete. Package Tracking didn’t work for me I don’t know why, but thats no problem.

Name/Nickname: Thomas

It is easily structured and you can get all informations about effects and legality. Especially side-effects and Risks. The education is really excellent!

Name/Nickname: Nico

To me Chemical Collective is the best shop with chemical research. Great choice, best product quality, best price, nice blog, nice merch, really nice customer service. I am fulfilled. Long live to this shop! I will surely ordering again! All the best!

Name/Nickname: Tyler

I order all the time from this site, in bulk amounts sometimes too. Staff are top, products are top, do what you want. I know where I’m going hahahaha 😉

Name/Nickname: Anonymous

Amazing service (Jessica is a star), super quick delivery (3-4 days despite they said 2-3 weeks) and fantastic product quality

Name/Nickname: Chris

Chemical Collective has a good service and good products. The delivery was fast and if there may be problems with the delivery Chemical Collective Team is helpful to find a solution. I am a satisfied costumer. However I would recommened CC.

Name/Nickname: Joe

The Best Research Chemical shop, hands down. Highly competitive price, nice discounts, super fast and friendly customer service, extremely fast delivery (I got mine in 2 days), most professional packaging and highest level of product quality. This shop has everything one can dream of. I have purchased products from other more famous shops out there, but Chemical Collective was best in every possible aspect of the shopping experience!

Name/Nickname: Martin

Fast and no problem reship after package was lost + something extra. All done via the lovely support from Jessica. Shipping with DPD this time was very fast 4 Day to Germany. They are professionals. Already my 5 order since i found them 2 Months ago. Chemical Collective is my favourite shop.

Name/Nickname: Mike

If you are wondering if Whether or not the shop is trustworthy, let me take your concerns! This Shop is extremely Competent and professional. Fast delivery, very quick and kind support (thank you Jack/ Jessica) BTW: I live in germany (no issues with dpd).

Name/Nickname: Coco

Order arrive in two days in France. Friendly and responsive customer service. Perfect first order. I just have to experiment with the product.

Name/Nickname: Jesus

I gave a poor review before because I was disappointed my order was lost but Jack has been super generous and helpful with my issue as he reshipped my lost order 50% which says a lot about the great integrity of this website. Much love and God bless:) Thanks!

Name/Nickname: David

Great service! They provide compounds of the highest purity that are always so fascinating to research. Delivery to the USA was always prompt, too bad they don’t do it anymore. Have enjoyed my correspondence with Jack too!

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