Every Mother Review: The Complete Guide to the Every Mother Diastasis Recti Program

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If you’re looking for safe and lasting solutions to heal your postpartum body, look no further than the Every Mother Diastasis Recti Program. In this comprehensive Every Mother review, we’ll break down what the program is, what it includes, and how it can help you reclaim your strength and confidence after pregnancy.

What is Diastasis Recti? 

Diastasis recti are one of the battle scars that moms obtain during pregnancy. It refers to separated abdominal muscles by overstretching the connecting tissues as the abdomen bulges abnormally. A staggering 60% of postpartum moms worldwide experience diastasis recti, with symptoms including lower back pain, urine incontinence, and widened waistline. 

Fitness programs now exist as a treatment for diastasis recti, but a lot of them require in-person training workouts. This may keep them out of reach of most moms, especially those who juggle taking care of children and working full-time jobs. 

This is where the Every Mother exercise program for diastasis recti comes in: It provides a customized exercise regime for every mom at their own time and pace. 

What is the Every Mother Diastasis Recti Program? 

The Every Mother Diastasis Recti Program (also called EMbody) is an online, comprehensive exercise program specifically designed to help moms restore their core strength and recover from postpartum diastasis recti. Led by a world class fitness expert, the program consists of daily workouts, progress tracking tools, educational videos, and nutritional guidance – all delivered in an easy-to-follow format. It provides clinically-proven treatment for diastasis recti based on different case studies by reputable institutions.

Moms can access the program through a downloadable app. The app can provide customized training regimes for moms depending on their unique core and pelvic floor needs at any life stage.

How Does the Program Work? 

The Every Mother Diastasis Recti Program follows a three-phased approach to strengthening the core musculature and restoring the abdominal wall. Phase One of the program focuses on improving comfort level with basic exercises and connecting with breath awareness. As you progress through each phase, additional exercises are added both to build strength as well as reinforce proper posture and work/rest ratios. Additionally, the program provides suggestions for using everyday activities to further strengthen your core muscles.

Main Life Stages of the Every Mother Fitness Program

The Every Mother Fitness Program identified three (3) main life stages where the workout regimes are customized: PREPARE™, RECLAIM™, and SURPASS™.

The PREPARE™ stage is the prenatal program of Every Mother, catered for pregnant women to prevent or treat diastasis recti if already manifesting.

The RECLAIM™ stage is for moms experiencing the dreaded symptoms of diastasis recti within six months of postpartum.

The SURPASS™ stage is for women with no diastasis recti but can perform workouts that will achieve their goals.

You can change your current stage and complete the corresponding workout plan anytime! Also, moms in the Reclaim stage can now proceed to the Surpass stage if diastasis recti is not an issue anymore. 

What Are the Main Features of the Every Mother Fitness Program App?

The Every Mother Fitness Program App has four (4) main features:

  • Custom Exercise RX: The app provides a customized exercise plan tailored to every mother’s needs and fitness level, such as diastasis recti, prenatal, postpartum, prolapse, incontinence, surgical recovery, pelvic pain, and sexual health.
  • Daily Exercise Plan: Moms can access primary therapeutic core and pelvic floor exercises and more advanced 100+ full-body workouts in the app.
  • Educational Resources: Moms also have unlimited access to Every Mother’s evidence-based courses to help them during their healing journey.
  • Expert Support: In-house physical therapists can quickly respond to every mother’s inquiries and concerns on their journey with Every Mother.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Every Mother Workout Program?

Here are the pros and cons of using the Every Mother App for every mom’s diastasis recti healing journey.


  • Moms can access the app and perform the exercise plan anywhere in their comfort.
  • The layout of the app is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The workouts are safe even for pregnant moms and take only 30 minutes or less to finish.
  • Moms can resume their last workout session if they do not finish it.
  • The required equipment is minimal that can be easily accessed.
  • Every Mother regularly updates its inventory of exercises on the website or app to empower moms on their healing journey.
  • Interested moms can save 50% if they avail of the annual membership plan instead of the quarterly ones – a very cheap way to have unlimited access to evidence-based exercise regimes customized for every mom.
  • Reputable institutions backed the exercise regimes of the fitness program, such as Weill Cornell Medical School, National Public Radio (NPR), and the Women’s Journal of Physical Therapy.
  • Resourceful blog posts are included in the website or app to educate mothers on different aspects of pregnancy and postpartum stages.
  • Every Mother has various available social media accounts (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Youtube) that moms can easily access in case of any inquiry related to the fitness program or app.


  • The library of workouts only aims for diastasis recti healing. Recovered moms can switch from other fitness programs if they want more challenging workout regimes such as weightlifting.
  • The app sometimes crashes and transfers the user to the loading screen. Moms can refer this issue to the technical support of Every Mother at its website.
  • The app cannot restart the customized exercise plan unless finished. Some moms would want to perform the exercise plan from the start in case they skipped workout sessions for too long.
  • Membership payments are non-refundable (i.e., full or partial), even if users can cancel the membership anytime. It means that moms should be fully committed to the fitness program until the end of the membership duration.

Every Mother Reviews: What Users and Research Say About the Every Mother Diastasis Recti Program

Countless moms respond favorably to the Every Mother Fitness Program. User reviews show high ratings for the fitness program on different credible sites:

  • Trustpilot: 4.6 out of 5, based on 313 ratings and reviews.
  • Google Play: 4.4 out of 5, based on 398 ratings and reviews.
  • Apple Store: 4.7 out of 5, based on approximately 1,000 ratings and reviews.

Credible institutions backed the workout regimes of the Every Mother Fitness Program:

  • Weill Cornell Medical School: A 2014 collaborative study showed that 100% of the 63 women participants fully resolved their diastasis recti condition within an average of 12 weeks. They also reported lower incidences of back pain and improved urinary continence. 
  • National Public Radio (NPR): A 2017 investigative piece followed a 4-week core and pelvic floor strengthening class taught by the founder of Every Mother, Leah Keller. The participants reported significant improvement in their diastasis recti healing. The investigative piece became the 4th most relevant story of NPR in 2017.
  • Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy: A 2021 clinical trial showed that the core and pelvic floor strengthening exercises of the Every Mother Fitness Program effectively treat diastasis recti. The results also show improvements in lower back pain and urinary continence for participants.

Experts also recommended the Every Mother Fitness Program to their patients:

  • Michelle Chiafulio, CM, MS, Certified Midwife: “This is the first program to specifically address the concerns of many of my patients. [It] helps women safely strengthen and prepare their bodies to labor and give birth, and then regain pelvic floor strength, abdominal tone, and healthy back function after birth. Plus, the program is easy to do in short intervals at home for busy moms.”
  • Geeta Sharma, MD: “Exercise during pregnancy can enhance an expectant mother’s mental and physical well-being. Leah’s method safely addresses the postural changes and muscle imbalances of pregnancy while developing strong core muscles to facilitate a smooth delivery and recovery.”
  • Jaqueline Worth, MD,  Village Obstetrics, NYC: “Almost every new mother asks us for guidance on safe, restorative movements in the first weeks after birth. Finally, we have an answer. We’re thrilled to recommend Every Mother’s early postpartum online program to our patients when we see them two weeks after delivery. Leah guides women through a gentle and progressive path to recover strength and function while improving mood and quality of sleep.”

Lastly, we cannot forget the success stories of moms in their diastasis recti healing journey together with Every Mother Fitness Program. Read Every Mother reviews from actual users:

Name/Nickname: Amanda

Love this program! I have seen massive results in under 12 weeks in healing my diastisis recti. The program is laid out clearly and is easy to follow. I highly recommend this Every Mother program!

Name/Nickname: Tayliz

I love this program and how the workouts are always under 30 minutes, making it so easy to fit them into your daily schedule. Not to mention, they are easy enough to do in your den with only a few objects (weights, resistance band, etc.) or sometimes none at all. Even if I can’t fit in the more intense workout, I know I can always fit the core compressions in, which only take a few minutes. And it’s always available on my phone when I travel, or I can airplay to my TV for a larger screen. I started this program a couple of months before I became pregnant with my second baby. I did the prenatal path throughout my pregnancy and I contribute my super quick and amazing postpartum healing to this! Now I am 4 1/2 months postpartum with my second, I am just a couple of pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, (I gained a lot during my second pregnancy,) and feeling REALLY great about my body! I’ve not felt this confident physically in quite a few years. I cannot recommend this enough for every mama!

Name/Nickname: Randi

I have thoroughly enjoyed this program! Having a specific routine to follow is so helpful. This is my second time starting the reclaim program due to having another baby… yes—I loved it that much the first time around, and I definitely saw results! I felt stronger and the gap between my muscles was closing. I went from a 3 finger width gap down to 1 and 1/2 before getting pregnant again.

Name/Nickname: Juju

I didn’t learn about diastasis recti or abdominal separation till 4 almost 5 months postpartum through my own research. My OB unfortunately didn’t bring up this situation even at my 6 week checkup. In my research, I came across the NPR article about diastasis recti and the Every Mother App resource. Since I joined about a month ago, I discovered I have abdominal separation, but I’ve been able to reduce the separation drastically and lost a few inches off of my waist. I look forward to the 10 minute core compressions every day on the App. It is super easy to follow and a realistic time to spend while taking care of a new baby. The workouts are also a great feature to your path. I recommend this to any woman looking to strengthen their core and build a strong foundation for recovery, daily movement, and other exercises. It is way cheaper than a PT visit too unless you need additional professional assistance for pelvic therapy etc.

Name/Nickname: Jessa

I am doing this program after having my second child. All I can say is WOW. After my first child I had significant DR and had the hardest time healing it. I was participating in a stroller workout program that utilized some considerations for DR and 2 minutes of compression breaths every day but my spread STILL wasn’t closed by the time I got pregnant with my second! In the 45 days I’ve been doing this program I’ve already closed the top and bottom of my spread and have significantly reduced the middle. So effective!! I’m much better off 12 weeks postpartum after kid #2 than I was at 18 months postpartum with #1!! That speaks for itself! Not only is it effective, but it is so easy to do at home while juggling 2 kids. DO THIS PROGRAM!!

Name/Nickname: Kim

This was more effective than going to physical therapy. The constant instructions and reminders regarding good form to complete the exercises in the right way to make them effective is exactly what I needed. The ability to do this at home on my own time was great too. Highly recommend for someone with diastasis recti like me.

Name/Nickname: Emma

The perfect program for new moms trying to get back in shape. It’s scaleable, supportive, and holds you accountable without being pushy. So grateful to have this. The results have been awesome too. Invest in yourself and your health and do this for a few months. You won’t regret it.

Name/Nickname: Rakenda

I had my baby at 19 years old. Super fit and loved working out. After I had my baby I found out I had diastasis recti. I was heart broken and desperate because I thought only surgery would fix me. I saw many physical therapist that specialized in woman’s health. Nothing seemed to work. Discouraged I looked into many work out apps and programs that worked specifically with diastasis recti and finally went with EM. I am not disappointed to say the least. Im slowly getting my confidence back as I feel my body getting stronger and my reflection looking better. It is the right kind of intensity also it doesn’t take much time out of my busy schedule. Love love love!

Name/Nickname: Joy

After almost 2 years of trying other DR recovery programs, in just 3 weeks of using EveryMother I saw incredible & measurable results. I’m more than satisfied with this program and I recommend it to everyone!

Name/Nickname: Tracie

I used this method (previously known as The Dia Method) to heal my Diastasis Recti after the birth of my third baby (who is now 5 years old), with great results.I searched for the program again after having my fourth baby (6 weeks ago) and was thrilled to see the program has evolved into Every Mother with this awesome app!!I love the workouts, the soothing music and color scheme. Leah Keller is great to watch and has a soothing voice which accompanies all the exercises. The explanations and guidance she gives are super informative. Most importantly- it works!! I know because I’ve done it before!I purchased other programs/methods out of curiosity, but this is by far the most effective and well done, and the only one offering an App!!!!

Name/Nickname: Kelly

I love this app. It is so well organized and it keeps me on track with the daily check marks. The work outs are just hard enough to challenge me, but not too difficult to make me feel discouraged. I love that the focus is on strength, not weight loss or fitting into a certain size. Love love love this app and program!

Name/Nickname: GardenGirl

This program has given me a much needed sense of structure, serenity, And strength. The workouts are diverse, challenging and effective. Best purchase I have made all year for my overall wellness.

Name/Nickname: Molly

I have been using the app/program for almost a month now and have been very happy with the results and the quality of the content. The videos are easy to follow, short enough that I don’t put them off, which means the exercises actually get done and I’ve seen results. I went to a pelvic floor physical therapist after my first was born but did not have diastis recti until after my second baby was born. Under quarantine because of Covid this has been great and 10 mins at home is so much easier than PT visits.

How do you sign up for the Every Mother Diastasis Recti Program?

If you’re interested in the program , here are the steps to start healing your diastasis recti together with Every Mother:

  • Access the Every Mother App either through their website or by downloading from third-party apps like Google Play Store or Apple Store. 
  • Choose the membership plan suitable to your current budget. There are 3 payment plans available: monthly, quarterly, and annual. You save 60% by paying annually, bring the daily cost of the program to just $0.33.
  • Create an account to proceed with the payment of the selected subscription plan.
  • Complete the membership payment by filling in the required billing details. The renewal payments should be processed automatically through auto-debit.

You can now access the app! Next, you will answer the questions provided by the app about your core and pelvic floor conditions and your current pregnancy or postpartum stage. 

Every Mother Review: The Verdict

To decide on how you want to go through diastasis recti healing, you should ask yourself how much of your time, budget, and commitment you’re willing to give to achieve your goals. These are the deciding factors for finding the most suitable fitness program, and ultimately determines your success rate.

This Every Mother review should help you decide if the program would be the right fit for your needs. The Every Mother Fitness Program is ideal for moms who want to start their healing journey with customized workout plans at any schedule they want. They can have unlimited access to all exercises and necessary support at only $10/month upon availing of the annual membership plan. However, you should be fully committed to get the most out of the Every Mother program. Like most gym and fitness programs, the membership payments are non-refundable even if you can cancel the membership anytime.

Moms should be aware of diastasis recti and accompanying symptoms, which will hinder their daily activities if left unattended. It is critical for moms to recover from diastasis recti, regardless of the fitness programs they choose. One thing to note is to seek advice from the OB before taking a fitness program for diastasis recti healing exercises. 

Good luck on your diastasis recti healing journey, moms!

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