Paper Shoot Camera Review

Paper Shoot Camera Review

Take a look at the Paper Shoot Camera review. See what customers say about eco-friendly cameras sold by this company. Read all opinions carefully and decide if it’s worth buying North America products.

Paper Shoot Camera Reviews:

Name/Nickname: Zara

I love my papershoot!!! I just moved states and took so many pictures and I’m so excited to see them! It adds such a romantic touch to my life and takes the stress out of taking photos. If you guys are considering one, to me it was worth every penny!

Name/Nickname: Noriaki

It is true “less is more”. Very handy and enjoy to take always in my pocket. Photos are classical and emotional that every time I found surprises.

Name/Nickname: Nicole

I can’t wait to buy one! Maybe for an Black Friday or Xmas present for myself 😍

Name/Nickname: Vivia

Fnally bought myself one as a bday gift after months of looking at them once a week ! so excited to take it on my next trip

Name/Nickname: Sara

I just got my papershoot and i love it!!! Goode price for good product. The picture styles are so cool!

Name/Nickname: Lea

Two different sunset photos taken minutes apart. One taken with my pro camera, and one taken with my film-like Paper Shoot Camera. I love both.

Name/Nickname: Kiara

Hi there! I just got my camera in the mail (yay!) I love that it’s vegan friendly made!🌱 (official info)

Name/Nickname: Monica

My camera had some problems with regular AAA. With rechargeable, works just as it should! Recommend paper shoot camera!

Name/Nickname: Camille

Literally the COOLEST camera ever!!! 💛

Name/Nickname: Clare

Saving my money right now so I can buy this, I want it right now but my wallet tells me no🥲 I am so excited to buy one

Name/Nickname: Eliana

Fair product for the fair price. These cameras reflect the time and energy put into them. We need to support companies like this who actually make a difference and create quality products.

Name/Nickname: Danielle

If anyone was wondering what i want for my birthday it’s a Paper Shoot Camera 🙂

Name/Nickname: Dominique

I finally got my Paper Shoot Camera 😋 The quality is good and it makes photos better than my smarthpone. I am so happy.

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