Recharge Health FlexBeam Review: How This Wearable Red Light Therapy Device Can Boost Your Wellness

Image of Recharge Health FlexBeam Wearable Red Light Therapy Device

Are you looking for a way to accelerate your recovery between workouts? Have you ever heard of red light therapy and want to learn more about its benefits? FlexBeam, the revolutionary wearable red light therapy device, may be just what you’re looking for.

In this detailed review, we will discuss the science behind red light therapy, explore how it works on different body areas, and analyze all the features available through FlexBeam. Discover if FlexBeam is right for you — read on to find out!

Introducing the FlexBeam

The revolutionary wearable device of Recharge Health

Are you tired of feeling sore and achy after a long day at work? The FlexBeam might be the solution you need.

This remarkable personal wellness device harnesses the power of advanced red light therapy to help you feel your best. Whether you’re dealing with pain, or muscle soreness, or just need some relaxation, the FlexBeam wearable red light therapy device is designed to provide targeted relief and promote overall well-being. Think of it as having your little wellness oasis at your fingertips.

Recharge Health is the one behind this revolutionary wearable device. It is a Norwegian company that’s on the cutting edge of the health and wellness industry.

Features and Benefits of FlexBeam

The FlexBeam by Recharge Health

What sets FlexBeam apart? Let’s go into its features and benefits!

Red Light Therapy Technology

FlexBeam uses red light therapy technology, often known as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT). It stimulates cellular function and promotes natural healing processes within the body by using infrared light.

It penetrates the tissue and helps to relieve pain and inflammation by administering tailored red light therapy straight to the affected areas. FlexBeam can help with muscular aches, joint stiffness, arthritis, backaches, and sports injuries. Say goodbye to nagging aches and welcome to a more joyful and active way of life.

But wait, there’s more! FlexBeam is more than simply a pain reliever; it is also your best friend for muscle recovery and performance enhancement. If you’re an athlete or a fitness fanatic, you’ll be pleased to learn that this small device helps accelerate muscle healing, relieve stiffness, and improve overall performance. This is done by enhancing blood circulation, decreasing inflammation, and boosting cellular regeneration. Prepare to take your fitness and athletic objectives to the next level!

Not to mention relaxing. We all need a little stress relief in our lives, don’t we? FlexBeam is here to help. After a long and exhausting day, simply unwind, kick back, and let the peaceful red light therapy help you relax and de-stress. It can even aid with tension headaches and promote better sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and energized, ready to face whatever comes your way.

Portable and Compact Design

FlexBeam is incredibly portable and compact. It’s tiny enough to take with you to work, the gym, or on vacation. Its sleek and ergonomic design provides a pleasant grip and allows you to easily target problem areas.

User-Friendly Interface and Customizable Treatment Modes

FlexBeam offers a range of customizable treatment modes to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking pain relief, muscle recovery, relaxation, or a combination of these, you can choose from various pre-programmed settings. It’s like having a personal wellness assistant right in the palm of your hand!

FlexBeam eases your wellness journey with its user-friendly interface and easy controls. It’s easy to change parameters and move between therapy modes. The LED indications provide clear feedback on your choices and inform you of the battery level, ensuring that you are always informed.

Safe and Non-Invasive

FlexBeam is fully non-invasive and risk-free. It emits no heat or UV rays, making it suitable for all skin types. Furthermore, it is completely painless and has no harmful side effects, allowing for regular and prolonged use without fear.

Rechargeable and Long Battery Life

FlexBeam is rechargeable, which is great news. There’s no need to keep replacing batteries. It’s built to last, allowing for several therapeutic sessions before needing to be recharged. The ultimate in convenience!

Scientifically Validated

Scientific research has supported the efficacy of red light therapy, including the wavelengths and characteristics employed in FlexBeam. Studies have indicated that it can help with pain management, tissue regeneration, and overall well-being. You may be confident that you’re utilizing a wellness device that is evidence-based and designed with your health in mind.

How to Use the FlexBeam

A woman using FlexBeam to reduce upper back pain.

Hello there! Are you looking forward to using your FlexBeam? You’ve come to the right place, my friend. Here’s how to use it like an expert, step by step:

Step 1: Get to Know Your FlexBeam

Before you begin, get to know FlexBeam. It is a compact and straightforward gadget used to give targeted red light therapy. Make sure it is fully charged and ready to use.

Step 2: Power Up Your FlexBeam

Press and hold the power button on the FlexBeam to turn it on. You’ll notice the LED indicator lights illuminate, indicating that the device is ready for action.

Step 3: Select Your Treatment Mode

FlexBeam offers different treatment modes to address various needs. Press the mode button to cycle through the available options. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, muscle recovery, relaxation, or a combination, choose the mode that suits your preferences and desired outcomes.

Step 4: Adjust the Intensity

Now it’s time to adjust the intensity level. You can increase or decrease the intensity by pressing the respective buttons on the device. Start at a lower intensity and gradually work your way up until you find a comfortable level that works for you.

Step 5: Prep the Target Area

Before applying the FlexBeam, make sure the area you want to treat is clean and dry. Remove any clothing or accessories that might interfere with the treatment. This allows the light therapy to directly reach your skin and deliver optimal results.

Step 6: Apply the FlexBeam

Place the treatment head of the FlexBeam directly onto the target area. Hold the device firmly against your skin throughout the treatment. You can either glide the device gently over the area or keep it stationary, depending on your preference and the recommended technique for the specific treatment area.

Step 7: Timing is Key

The duration of your treatment session can vary depending on the mode and target area. Refer to the user manual or consult with a healthcare professional for specific guidelines. Typically, sessions can last from a few minutes up to around 20 minutes. Follow the recommended timing to make the most out of your light therapy session.

Step 8: Move and Repeat (if necessary)

If you’re treating a larger area, you can move the FlexBeam across the target area in a systematic way, ensuring that each area receives adequate exposure. Repeat the treatment process as needed, following the recommended frequency for your particular goals.

Step 9: Power Down and Store

After you’ve completed your treatment, press and hold the power button to turn off the FlexBeam. Carefully detach the treatment head and store it in a safe place. Following proper storage guidelines will help maintain the device’s longevity.

Remember, these steps provide a general guide, but it’s essential to consult the user manual and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal usage and safety. If you have any concerns or questions along the way, feel free to reach out to Recharge Health’s customer support. Enjoy your personalized light therapy sessions with FlexBeam and embrace the positive impact it can have on your well-being!

Does FlexBeam Work?

User reviews suggest that regular use of the FlexBeam has led to noticeable improvements in flexibility, endurance, and overall athletic performance. Its non-invasive nature and ease of use make it an attractive option for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals recovering from injuries alike.

Below are some of the actual user reviews on TrustPilot:

Name: Zora Benhamou

Huge fan!
I am a big fan of red light therapy and use multiple devices for different necessities. Flexbeam is in my arsenal because it is much easier to use for injuries, pain, soreness and bruising where we need to lay the device on the body instead of holding it with a tired arm at a distance.

I have recommended Flexbeam to many others and always get good feedback. Recharge Health is the only red light therapy company that has incredible customer support and lots of guidance from their in house expert Dr. Zulia Frost. She gives us so much of her time to really help us learn how to most effectively use the device for our needs.

Flexbeam gets two thumbs up from me.

Name: Kristjan Kippar

Im rather sceptical person, but FlexBeam surprised a lot, like real WOW emotion. I had ankle swelling problem for months and i saw FlexBeam device in my office, did not think of it as much back then. After just one day of use, i walked normally again, no pain, no swelling and slept a lot better, really thought that was just coincidence. After 2 weeks my ankle was swelling again. Right away but flexbeam on and after just one day, again no pain and no swelling. Now my whole family has tried flexbeam and ordered one more device to meet demand 😀 Thank you

Name: Annie

I use the FlexBeam for recovery after playing pickleball, and in general physical activity. I have now been using the FlexBeam for 6 weeks and notice a BIG difference. I have lots of ways I use the FlexBeam, however, in particular, I had an issue with tendonitis around my ankles, and I have noticed a decrease in the inflammation and pain associated since using the FlexBeam. Thank you FlexBeam – Thank you Dr. Zulia Frost!

Name: Freeman Jackson

As a physician and avid sports enthusiast, I am constantly reading about emerging fields of wellness. Red light therapy has been well studied and has good scientific backing. The most important aspects of treatment are making sure you have proper frequencies and wavelength (obviously connected) and ample energy to provide a strong beam. Cooling then comes into play. The flex beam does all of these elegantly in a portable case that is easy to use and program. I have let other physicians use my flex beam on ski trips etc, and nearly all of them have purchased one for themselves after using it several time. Top notch product with top notch customer support.

Name: AA from France

I am using my Flexbeam for eight months now.
I love this device and use it almost everyday to help my arthritic knee, which regularly hurts (old rupture of the anterior cruciate). I’m feeling real progress…

Like my friend (to whom I offered a black model), and Mr. kleespies, I was facing an electronic issue: when, for several months everything was working fine, suddenly I only had one 10-minute cycle left, and the device stopped after 5 min of the second cycle.

I contacted Recharge Health customer support and they confirmed the 2 years warranty policy. I payed $35 shipment contribution and they sent me a replacement unit immediately BEFORE the arrival of my old device! Amazing.

The customer staff has always been very friendly and full of concern to fix the problems.

This is just great and I highly recommend this company as well as their staff.

I’m honored to help promote this product, as I discovered it during a webinar organized by my good friend John Stuart Reid, who always selects quality speakers and who, that day, introduced us to a special guest; Dr. Zulia Frost’s who, after an extremely painful car crash injury, was inspired to create the FlexBeam device that mediates pain and supports a wide range of medical conditions.
That’s how I discovered what Photobiomodulation (PBM) was all about and her device that emits non-coherent red and near- infrared light via use of LEDs.

Kindest regards. Alain

Pros and Cons of FlexBeam

A man uses FlexBeam to promote regeneration of knee fatigue.

Flexbeam wearable red light therapy has a range of benefits, making it a popular choice among individuals seeking an effective solution for various health concerns. One major advantage is its convenience and portability, allowing users to easily incorporate it into their everyday routines. The device’s flexibility allows it to target specific areas of the body, aiding in pain relief, reducing inflammation, and promoting muscle recovery.

Of course, like with any product, there are pros and cons:

Targeted relief from painHefty price to buy, not friendly to people with a tight budget
Portable and convenient Individual results may vary
Multiple treatment modes and adjustable intensity levelsNot a substitute for medical advice or treatment
Safe and non-invasiveMay take some time to find the optimal settings that work best for you
Versatile Applications (relieve pain, promote muscle recovery, encourage relaxation, and improve sleep quality)May require multiple sessions for lasting results

Overall, if you want to shorten your recuperation time and get back to doing what you love, the FlexBeam is well worth a look.

Final Verdict on FlexBeam

A woman seems satisfied in using FlexBeam.

So you’ve heard of FlexBeam and its supposed red light therapy benefits. Is it still worth it to invest in it for your recovery needs? Let’s break it all down so you can make an informed decision.

When it comes to focused pain relief, muscle rehabilitation, and relaxation, Recharge Health’s FlexBeam is a game changer. It’s a useful portable device that you can take with you everywhere you go.

What’s great about the FlexBeam is that it offers customizable treatment modes and intensity levels. You can tailor your therapy session to your specific needs and comfort level. Plus, it’s non-invasive and safe for most people, so you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant side effects.

Whether you have chronic pain, need to speed up muscle recovery after a rigorous workout, or simply want to unwind, the FlexBeam has you covered. It is perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anybody seeking comprehensive wellness benefits due to its versatility.

However, keep in mind that individual results may vary, and it may take some time and consistent use to see meaningful and long-term changes. Also, keep in mind that FlexBeam is not a substitute for professional medical advice. So if you have serious health concerns, consult with a doctor.

FlexBeam, like any high-quality wellness equipment, is not cheap. It’s critical to think of the fee as an investment in your health. However, the upfront expense may be a deterrent for certain people on a tight budget.

Given all of these considerations, the FlexBeam could be an excellent addition to your wellness routine if you value convenience, targeted relief, and the ability to customize your therapy sessions.

So, give it a shot! Just keep your expectations realistic, use the FlexBeam consistently, and experience the benefits of light therapy today for $60 off.

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